Hard Mission 9-4 Tips?

So I keep getting absolutely Smoked in seconds at the start of Wave 3 of this mission. The recommended power is 48,000 and I’m bringing 53,088 using the following all-platinum team:

  • Panzer 6*
  • Maven 8*
  • Dogface 8*
  • Ifrit 7*
  • Oracle 7*

Besides getting stronger, anyone have any tips on how to get past this? Thanks in advance…

I think you need some supporting heros who can take some damage and survive. I would replace ifrit and oracle with tanks like heim, mandrake, razor. Team healer like heim is important here to heal entire team. Use dog to take out those energy snipers fast, that will protect your bio heros.

It wasn’t pretty, but managed to complete using your suggestion of Mandrake and Heim instead of Ifrit and Oracle. Thanks for the reply and the help!