Any hints or tricks for level 13-9 hard?

As title states, I’m wondering if any of you pros have some tips for level 13-9 hard. I’ve tried a few different teams and just can’t get it. Any advice is very much appreciated.

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Je galère aussi, pour suivre…

Post your teams so we know what we are dealing with

Bring Maven to kill Steele and then Beck.

I would kill the commander unit first everytime he appears because he issues mark status that counter mandrake’s gold. Bring Keel and Nightingale for heal wall and Dogface for additional damage

Use hivemin his drones absorbs all the rockets …

I’m still stuck a 13.9 hard, what have you used?
Thank you

For level 13-10 even in normal should I focous on Kurtz or support team? Which one?

Francoise + mandrake makes it a cakewalk. The key to winning is not enduring the fight (unless you maximize your ideal heroes, you will always lose in an endurance battle), but blitzing Kurtz. Right before the last enemy is killed in wave one, start pumping Francoise’s silver skill. After the dialogue, once the skill is loaded up (level 4), pass it to mandrake and target Kurtz. He should go down in 3-6 shots, depending on your heroes’ strength.

My Françoise is too weak unfortunately

I finally managed to pass it

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Thanks mate. I tried that one 2 but his shitty allies always comes in and put tones of buff and shield+healing on him before I can finish that thing off. Then thoes operatores take care of the rest. Wasted tons of stamina over the level… . Really exhausted now.

You have to control Mauler