I need help for 14-10

Can someone give me a tip for 14-10 normal. I have no chance against Col. Wesson
and my strongest Bio heroes are at the moment Mandrake and Mauler (10 * Platinum 4 Stripes)

You will need to upgrade savage (great dps), francoise (crit and heals), Mauler (controls the fight), Kobold (support and heals), and Bucket (to damage all enemies and heal) I beat 14-10 in no time with that lineup

14-10 is a really hard one,

So here’s a tip:
Uaf vanguard’s shield will cover wesson early, and that shield makes everything harder. So utilize Mandrake’s platinum to interrupt his bronze skill with Odachi.
Odachi has to try to healblock wesson and Fischer will help easily kill wesson. Min’s platinum shield is useful for this level along with her silver, Nightingale is a very important hero also. Her silver mark is useful to kill wesson.

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Is this a recent solution? Mandrake, Odachi, Fisher - all bio heroes and all enemies are energy. They kill them very fast.

Min’s platinum skill team shielding will help cover against energies.

Ive tried so many different “suggestions” its not funny…absolutely ridiculous to be 99/100 pumpkins and have to beat normal to get to hard and cant last longer than 30 seconds!

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Same issue here. I have 1 pumpkin to go and cannot get past 14-10 normal against Wesson. Any suggestions are appreciated. I’ve tried dozens of times… no dice. I’m attaching my list of heroes. Any advice?

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I used gale min drake cinder and mauler, a mix of 7 to 9 star plat but maybe one bar each, I can’t believe people have so much trouble when they have ten star five bar hero’s, when I completed it with 7-9 stars in about five seconds flat, mark wesson with gale and that’s it, say goodnight to the bad guy!


Using Night, Min, Mandrake, Cinder, and Mauler does not work. I don’t know how you finished that level in about 5 seconds flat. I use Night to mark Wesson but the giant robots stomp my team before I can do any real damage to Wesson. And if I do damage him, his health is restored quickly.

My Night, Mandrake, and Cinder are 10 stars. Mauler is 9. Min is 7 (will be 8 after the heronium store is updated).

Any other suggestions anyone?

After so many tries last night i tried one more time using astrix, made it from first try she really destroyed him in a matter of seconds

What other heroes did you use besides astrix?

Well search for me in game and I’ll jelp you beat it no problem with the team I just told you, I’ve helped about thirty people with the level, my gale is eight my min is seven my drake in nine same with cinder and mauler. So search for me in game and I’ll show you the mata skin and help you beat it bud. Just let me know :jack_o_lantern:

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How did u show such a list of ur heroes?

Try again, because it does take some luck. Try, try, try again. What dragon posted works. Maybe it’s just you want an easy fix when there isn’t really one? It’s a tough level.

Drake, kaishi, phalanx and mata

Raz - I took screenshots from my phone and then exported them to my computer and used the almighty MS paint to combine the images.

Pretty nifty, cuz it looks so sleek.

@Dragonbiker - you are a bad ass my friend! Thank you for the help! Matador skin is mine… Muahahahahaaa

Hahah! Awesome my friend, I knew you could do it with the hero’s you posted, mins fire wall really helps out to keep you alive, if you pilot gale and mark mark wesson fast you had a great chance and you got it! Just takes a bit of patience since it is a very hard level. I’m happy for you bud that mierto skin is my current favorite. Thanks HHG!!! For the completion rewards!!! I pulled siren and lancer from the two hero crate and 1 gilded crate tokens.p.s that portrait you get says I aquired it on December 31, 1969, a good 18 years before I was born, talk about being early buawhahah! Anyone need help find me in game and I got you! Happy Hunting Hero Hunters!!!:jack_o_lantern: