14.10 or Worst game design ever

Seriously. All previous missions and districts may beaten with various strategy and tactics even with mediocre leveled heroes. But 14.10 need very specific and very maxed characters plus tons of stupid luck. Are you tested this? Look like absolutely don’t. No respect.

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It’s definitely beatable. You may need to level up your Heroes or try new team compositions and strategies. It’s meant to be difficult!


Believe me or not: A 10 star plat+5 Bolt owner with four other 10 star heroes (including Nightingale) managed to beat 3 stars in 14-10 hard.


Believe me or not – most of players don’t have 5 plath bar heroes.

Difficult, but not impossible! I have solid cast of 10* 4 plat bars heroes but my best result is only halfed health of Wesson.

For example 13.10 was hard too, but I and my alliance find atleast 3 GUARANTEE worked ways to beat Kurtz.

Instead now only one of us beat this mission. With meat battle style and tons of randome, luck and endless retries.

Isn’t it part of the game to increase the heroes and push their limits to beat the (currently) last mission?
Like, I mean. That’s how games work.


That means your Heroes need some beefing up!


Find it funny I read complaints about parts of the game that are just too easy and monotonous. Than see a post that 14.10 is just too hard. It’s the highest lvl of the game right now why would it be easy and not require topped out hero’s. Good job devs by making it hard and needing strategy. Too much of the game is played in auto as is.


Absolutely! I’m still having fun trying to beat 13.10!


Only who complaining is high vips, lol. Cry-cry-cry, zero vips has more fragments for less price.

And what you call strategy? Meat boxing with maxed characters? It’s not a strategy. This is just stupud bruteforce.

I repeat – on this mission don’t work any strategy or tactics. On 13.10 work. On 14.10 not.

I don’t wanna easy ride. I wanna fair challenge. But what you know about this if you use autobattle? Autobattle user = game impotent.

It’s very sad if this was main idea of this mission. 14 district is very frustrating. No interesting locations like in previous districts, no fresh and tricky heroes combo or skillful usage of decoration. Just endless Vanguards and Gorgon’s stage arena. Your best districts is 9 and 11.

I’m a little late, but there really is a neat trick to beat Wesson (with 3*) with an incredibly underpowered team. Like Kurtz, the key is not to win the endurance battle, but to blitz Wesson. I beat him with:
Kunoichi, Kaishi, Mandrake, Flatline, and Phalanx.

The critical skill here is Kaishi’s Vengeance Strike. When the mission starts, switch to Kaishi and pop off VS IMMEDIATELY. It interrupts the annoying shielder that makes Wesson virtually unkillable before your team dies.

Once you pop off VS, switch to kunoichi and finish him off.

Some notes:

  1. This strategy requires luck. Sometimes the shielder pops his shield off before you can pop VS. Sometimes the healer just perfectly times his heal on Wesson, right after VS ends. Anyways, if you see the shield go up, just quit.
  2. Order is important for Kunoichi-Kaishi. I believe the second midline position arrives to his starting position faster than the first.
  3. My team power was ~72K when I beat the level. You can check my profile to ballpark how much you need to upgrade the recommended heroes. And yes, I beat the hard mode too, albeit with more attempts using the team. 3* as well.

Forgot to mention. Why Mandrake, Phalanx, and Flatline for the other three heroes?

You need to survive the burst damage the enemy inflicts upon you in the beginning. Mandrake and Flatline are obvious enough, but why Phalanx specifically? His team mag shield provides a really nice buffer. Maybe you can succeed with Heimlock, but I strongly prefer Phalanx.

Thanks, man. Your combo team not working for me, but I change Mandrake on Min / Flatline on Panzer and beat this nightmare. With 62k power, lol.

I absolutely don’t seen any potential in Kaishi before that.

P.S. I’m still think what this mission is poor disigned and need reworking.

Big thanks to you. I was able to beat the level (3*) with a similar line up you recommended but swapped Flat with Oracle because my Flat was the first to die. It took me 3 tries but did it with what you said, pure luck though, you have to hit Wesson with Kaishi’s Venegence Strike or this will not work. I like the ending too, pretty cool.

Won with thisB4f126vZ.jpeg)

My 3* on 14-10 normal. Will go after 14-10 hard once I star up and a few bars on fisher.

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