Help with 14-10 Hard

lvl97 with 2.3m+ power, plenty of ruby heroes, can beat Extreme district 3 and yet I still can’t score a 1 star on 14-10 Hard.

I’ve followed a few of the guides but I think they may be old or outdated now, or the level has changed some. I’ve noticed Wesson gets shielded much quicker compared to the videos I watched.

Any recent lineups/advice on how to beat this? it bugs me not being able to complete District 14 Hard.

Heard you gotta knock down Wesson super quick. Was told to use Astrix, and hit him quickly. Then switch to someone else and take the rest down.

Sadly that was the only advice i saw, but it hasn’t helped me. But supposedly Astrix destroys him is what they say

I used Siren, if you get her siren song off fast enough and with some luck with her platinum, you can kill him and everyone very quick

Astrix, kaishi, mandrake, phalanx, matador. Use Astrix and focus on wesson asap

I used a ruby carabina with only support. Wait until vanguards shield pops on someone else then use the silver on wesson. Took him out in 1 burst. Be sure to switch to good damage if yours is not high. Carabina will no matter what, always keep shooting her silver so don’t be worried to switch. Took me 2 tries

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Check my last post. Might be able to help you

I’ve done some experimenting for awhile with 14-10 Hard, looking for a team other than the Astrix/Kashi teams, as I don’t have either hero leveled up high enough.

Just now, I was able to 3* it with this team.

Harbinger, Serial, Mandrake, Francois, and Phalanx.

Immediately at the start of the match, pilot as Harbinger, and quickly shoot Wesson with all 4 of her shots (headshots are best), then quickly switch to Serial, and build up the rest of his silver. Once you activate it, you will have to break Wesson’s shield, but your extended mag should be able to finish him off.

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