Colonel Wesson 14-10

Hey guys, cant seem to get past 14-10 on campaign, just wondering what hero setup people use for it and what opponents to target first, thanks

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Something like cinder and the best bio damage you can get off the start, he needs to die in under several seconds before he gets a shield, if he gets one before the few seconds just restart, pure rng or use kaishi to prevent the shields

I used something like this. Make sure Kuno is your first selected hero so you’re automatically controlling her. Doesn’t have to be exactly these heroes, just get three or four good healers to keep Kuno alive. Shoot at the Vanguard in front of you first so you can charge her Flurry of Knives skill. When it’s charged, immediately use it on Wesson, and it should get him to low health. Then just shoot at him a bit.

KOLGAN’s video helped me pass 14-10. Skip to 1:23

Also, if you could post your heroes, more people could help you so they know who your strongest heroes are :).

Thanks heaps guys, finally managed to beat it with the kuno method

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