2.75 million for division 1 (or: flogging a dead horse)

I ended the recent tournament (Champion tier) passing the 2.75mil required for div 1 by a mere 6,000 points - rank 1,971 (and only because I was coincidentally off work for those 2 days).

This probably means the total amount of people who got hero fragments in this tier is probably no more than just over 2,000 vs probably a much larger number in the lower tiers.

Pretty sure this wasn’t what the devs had in mind since there are ranks all the way to 5,000. What’s the point of making divisions so prohibitive that no one plays?

Whether people don’t have time outside of their real lives to grind 2.75mil points or are just turned off from playing because of the high number, fewer players playing is bad for the game.

As I’ve said in the previous post, the people who are super competitive who want to get 110mil points are STILL going to go all out regardless of what the div 1 number is, so why make it so hard for the rest of the players who have slogged to get to lvl 60-65? It’s just a punishment.

Anyway, many people chimed in on the last post including the devs, I’m sure you’re monitoring the data - won’t flog this dead horse beyond this, you’re better positioned to decide where you want the game to go.


Compared to the 5 million points needed in the last two events, this event was a huge difference and a lot more obtainable.I like the idea of a realistic goal but also a challenge to obtain. Setting a bar too high discourages people not to play, setting it to low discourages people from playing it hardly at all or not doing anything more once they reach a certain point.

I think over the course of the event, we were giving 7 full resets on our pvp lives (assuming you kept your first set of lives full for the start of the event.) On average I’d say at level 60 most people have around 35 heroes with around 7-10 of them being gold, maybe 1-2 plat heroes if they had being making gold 4 heroes before hitting 60. So thats like around 30-40k power on their best team? Without any bonus heroes, a team around 30k power would only need to win 6 times per reset with that main team to get to the goal of the pvp tournament.

Even if you are struggling and get maybe 2-3 wins with that team, you got another 30 heroes to make up the difference. Or, if you get hot and start winning a bunch, you bring the total wins you need down the rest of the way. Breaking it down like that, it seems pretty reasonable to me. In my case, I had both of the bonus heroes at a pretty high power so together I was getting almost 200k points per win. I only ended up needing about 15 wins over 7 resets with that team to meet the goal.

I don’t see having to put effort into an event to get a reward as a punishment, if the champion bracket was the same as the challenger it would only take the average level 60 player 12 wins over those 7 resets with their main team to reach it. Might as well just not have an event at all and give everyone in the game shards automatically. Its an event for a reason, you have to put in a little extra time then normal to get the reward.

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I’ll be honest, div 1 this time around wasn’t that bad to obtain. At no point did I really struggle to make enough progress towards the goal, and I wasn’t hardcore grinding like I did for the last one. The current requirement feels pretty good, and I like that the devs actively listened and reasonably changed it. It should be something that you earn, since the rewards are noticeably higher in the top tier, and they must been earned, not handed out.

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I think you’re both missing my point as both comments are focused on the individual’s ability or inability to get enough points to get into tier 1. I didn’t have difficulty reaching tier 1, I’m not one of the ultra-competitive who has to be in the top 10, and obviously 2.75mil is better than 5mil.

My point is that the tournament has been provisioned for at least 5,000 “winners” of the hero fragments, but less than half of the “prizes” were even “earned”. I’m just saying that these rates are quite low enough to wonder about the level of non-participation.

And it’s not the effort to get the frags that is the punishment. It’s the levelling up to lvl 60 and above and then having a much more difficult tournament. What’s the incentive of levelling to 60 then? People might as well sandbag as long as they can at the lower levels to get fragments.

Again, this isn’t about me or my experience. I’m merely pointing out that the current structure keeps maybe 2k of the highest level players participating and engaged and getting fragments, vs a different structure with maybe 5-7k who are feeling involved and getting fragments.

Which do you think will result in more people playing the game and paying money for gold in the long run?

Maybe a tough discussion, started this a while back about the 5 million, that one was to high, but at this point I really think it’s possible to do.

2.750.000÷50.000=55 wins

You also have a event hero that gives x10 and x5

I don’t know what team you are using but maybe people need to upgrade their PvP squads

I’m playing for 3 months and I’m 190k power and I finish most of my tournaments top 250, the push for top 100 is to much of a grind so I don’t want to do that

But I don’t think it’s that high anymore to be honest

Yea i get what you are saying, and some people have discussed having awards for top 5000 still be giving to the people who don’t achieve the final goal.

I think there is two reason for this, if you look at the challenger tier now, the level range is 42-59, that’s a 17 level range for players to compete at compared to the 60-65 range for the champion tier (which as of right now most people are only 60-63). There is a ton of more people that qualify for the challenger tier then the champions tier right now but that will change as time goes on. Same thing happened when 60 got introduced. I ended up at like rank 70 just barely getting into division 1, now, like you said, finishing just barely in division one is just making top 2k. So there has been an increase of people hitting level 60 and joing this bracket and its only going to continue to get larger.

2nd thing kinda goes along with the first. If they structured tournaments to be built around the current player base that is at that level it could be kind of tricky. That’s why they have higher tiers then there are players qualifying in the tournament because they know in the future that these ranks will be filled up.

One last thing, the tournaments don’t get more difficult. The higher level you are the more power your heroes have so you will naturally get more points for winning. Along with power comes more heroes and the bonus heroes are more likely to be owned. If you look at the same shard rewards in the challenger division that match the champion one, you will see you would have needed top 200 to get the same reward as just barely getting into division 1 in champion. You will see that people who got top 200 got roughly the same amount of points were required for the same reward in champion, only for our division is would take a few less wins to get to the same point becuase of our increase in power.

Its like Kraterios did above, 55 wins for people in that division compared to 48 (on the very low end of power for lvl 60s) with their best team seems to be a little easier to obtain for the same reward.

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