5 million points for Division 1?

An alliance member mentioned this in our chat - 5 million points for div 1 for Champion bracket (level 60) is insane.

The same division in Challenger bracker (level 42 - 49) is 750k. Why the 7x jump? Are points calculated differently or are lvl 60 players expected to just play - and win - 7x more?

At this point it seems like we’re being punished for progressing. I’m at lvl 59 and dread the day I hit 60.


Exactly! Just to get to division 5 (the first division that awards points), you need 750,000 points. And even if it was in some way justifiable to people that have most hero’s almost or completely maxed (which I still don’t think it does), the people who just turn level 60 have a hard time reaching that.

It’s made worse by the fact that the pvp matching in the level 60 bracket keeps matching you teams much more powerful. I normally did well in the pvp tournaments before, and 1 or 2 teams that worked well. But since I turned level 60 no matter what combination of heroes I use, I’m having a lot harder time and constantly have the floor wiped with my team.

And while the pvp matching has issues, that’s not new. I’ve experienced that at multiple points as I leveled up. But if I need 750k just to get any rewards and 5 million points to get to division 1, then I have to be able to compete. Even doing as well as before I got to level 60 I would still need to play even more just to get 5,000,000 points. But now that I’m having trouble competing at all I’m not sure I’ll even have a chance to get to division 1, at least without spending a lot of gold for lives which I shouldn’t have to do just compete.

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Get lvl60 some days ago, normally I make place 2-400, now, I even don’t get to div 1…im workingng all the day, can play afrom 18-20oclock, but not only, because I also have my wife and my child… So please hhg, describe me, how someone should make div 1 without spending masses of gold for reviving 2 heroes, getting no points, mostly I get 100k, and win here… I don’t understand this extreme jump from 750 k points, to 5million points!!! That’s extreme shit in my eyes, and I don’t think that everyone is happy about this extreme change in pvp… I will instant go back to 59, because there i have a chance to compete, in 60 I don’t have an chance to compete, and that’s shit from u guys…


Well, to be completely honest, a lv 42 has the same issue. Once you hit 42, you are placed against people who may have lots of lv 55 heroes with 7-8 stars. How are you supposed to compete there? I’m pretty sure most of them would go back to lv 41 so they can be one of the strongest players in the bracket. And you need to get 750k points, a lot higher to the 185k of the previous division.

The difference is that 750k points is possible if you have one event hero, and is hard, but still achievable without them. But 5M is kinda impossible without both event heroes for a fresh lv 60. Even with those event heroes it is a challenge

Level 60 bracket will be unfair, always, because players with 100-120k power will have to compete against beasts with 500k power, but they should at least be able to get some consolation prize. Otherwise, people is encouraged to not level up.

So yeah, this should be lowered, to give active players a chance to get shards, given that these tourneys are the only reliable way to get one of the two new heroes each month


I only just made Lv60 yesterday, right before the Tournament started, then I saw the reward tiers! :open_mouth:

I don’t “dead skill” or cheat a I like to call it. I don’t spend much on gold either, so I think this will be a challenge to get to Division 1, but not beyond reach with how I can play.

I am mostly able to play where I can run through all my lives twice a day. I have 36 heros with a total power of 126k, and like I said, I level up my heros together and skill them up and promote them up, it’s a fairly balanced group. I don’t buy much gold, but I only have Mandrake. I’m happy to spend gold on using all my revives on Mandrake (80 gold a day).

I’ve just finished my second run through all my heros lives and I finished on 1.950 million points. That puts me in Division 3, 3 million away from Callidus Frags, with 3 runs through all my lives left before the end of the tournament. I should make it, if I’m on it! But it is pretty tight and I’m unlikely to rank very high, but I don’t care about that, I only care about the frags.

If you can’t get through all your lives on every rotation or you don’t have either of the event heros, or you have a small team, you’ll stuggle I think, and I’m not sure that is a good way to treat longer term players (you have to be a longer term player if you’re at Lv60 right?)

Just thought I’d add my experience.

[Maad] Everyday Players

Yep - totally agree, I reached lvl 60 day before tournament and this now feels like a punishment…


I was part of the small group that was in this division during the last event, and I was pretty surprised at the points you needed as well. I was used to just being able to auto my games and getting at least into rewards range. With the cap as it is now, I ended up having to really grind up until the last day just to get to division 1 because of my unlucky first day and a half of playing.

Having the point spread be this big makes having any team that doesn’t include one of the bonus heroes pretty inefficient and not really even worth while to play. It’s a very possible goal for people to achieve, but it requires a lot more grinding for some people not to mention if you get unlucky and have three straight loses with your main team how much harder the goal seems to be.

I’m hoping that as more people hit the lvl 60 mark we will see a reduction down to 4 or 3.5 million points for division 1. For people who still want to participate but don’t want to dedicate a bunch of time into the event if they do not particularly need the rewards. This also means lowering the amount of shards per rank as well.


I am a serious pvper and have lots of time to spend on it…my team sits around 30k and I am just hitting 5Million right now. Even for me I think the number is a little steap…and as I said, the discrepancy between the top players and the bottom at lvl 60 is massive. 1-10 have almost 15m points and I know for a fact that they don’t play nearly the number of matches that I do. Could we plz start separating brackets differently or have a two tier system…

1 set of rewards that use points (current system favoring highest power teams)

1 set of rewards for # of wins (favors effort regardless of team lvl)


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5m isn’t that hard. You have 3 days… I got 11m in my first reset using only 10 heroes and rarely use Sapphyr.

Thank you for the feedback! I know that other players in the chat have been feeling the same way. We will see what we can do for the next Tournament. :slight_smile:

We are talking about fresh lv 60. Maybe you stayed at the lv 55 (previous cap) for a few days/weeks? That would let you build up power, unlike new levels 60. I mean, dont get me wrong, Im only level 55, I have 3 resets left before the event ends and I’m already at 4.4M, so I could clear the minimum requirement although Im not 60.

But it is only because I have both event heroes at gold (my highest hero is gold 1), and I happened to get a winning streak with both of them in the same team on all the resets. I mean, you need to invest A LOT of time to reach that quota.

At level 59, you can reach the minimum to get shards effortlessly, you can play casually and still get shards, even if you dont rank really high.

At level 60, suddenly, you need to spend a lot of time PvPing, own event heroes and be lucky with matchmaking. You can’t miss a single reset, and you have to perform above average to get any shards. It looks like the PvP events jump from casual to professional in just one level.

To be able to play these events casually while still getting shards, you need to have massive power, which most lv 60 still dont have.

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I understand the frustration for lower powered level 60’s.

As we already know, there are those that were able to sit at the level cap for quite some time and upgrade the hell out of their heroes, while others never got to do that; so there is currently a huge range in power for level 60’s, from 100k - 600k+
Personally, I am not complaining because I know I will be able to reach 5 mill by the end of the event, but I am one that was able to sit on the level cap for a while and gain an advantage over others that didn’t. Therefore, I get more points per win, because my power is higher.

With that being said, I think a more reasonable, and more attainable milestone for all the players at level 60 would be 3 million to division 1 rather than 5 million.

I do support that there should be an increase in points to achieve division 1, since the expectations do raise with team level, but 5 million is a little too much of an increase in regards to being fair for every single person at level 60.

Just my personal opinion :slight_smile:


In a top 20 alliance, with currently only 5 people going to get shards from this event, with 12 house left… The requirements for division 1 were far too high in this event… Would love to see another event with Callidus as a prize with lower requirements so that more people have the ability to unlock her. Hope to see a better balance next event. Thank you.

(PS. Devs… you guys are killing it with responding to these things and making the changes that the community wants to see. You guys are rad.)

To be fair, a lot of people stayed at lv 55 (previous max level) building up their power. They can score a lot of points (current top 50 of the champion bracket has 17-95M score).

What Im trying to point is that, according to their stats, level 55 players could do a lot of score, so they could probably do 5M once they are level 60.

The problem is that, fresh level 60, who didn’t get a chance to build up strength on a previous max level, can’t do that kind of scoring, unless they are REALLY good at PvP or they paid A LOT and even then, it takes a lot of time. You can barely miss a single reset to accomplish this.

The good thing is that they answer to the feedback, and will address this issue for the next PvP event :slight_smile:

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Here’s an update of my situation:

I haven’t missed a reset, and we have one reset to go.

I will be able to play through all my lives in this last reset, but…

I need 1,041,000 points to get to 5m. I have averaged just under 1m per reset so it will be tight. I’m considering buying some gold to raise my VIP, to give me another reset for Mandrake (which will cost me another 10 gold). I don’t really want to have to buy the gold, but I also don’t want to have spent all the time I have on the game and fall just short of Div1! I guess it is Pay to Win.

Well done Hothead, you’re likely to squeeze even more money out of me… and erode my goodwill a bit at the sametime.

[Maad] Everyday Players

You are making it sound like they are EA.

They already said they will address the issue for the next tournament. They made a mistake, and they are going to fix it. I know it sucks that you may lose this tournament shards because of that, but at least they are listening to our feedback and improving the game for us.

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I said erosion of goodwill, not loss of goodwill.

@Elu didn’t say they will “fix it”:

So, we will see what IS done for the next tournament and maybe that goodwill will be restored.

You are right, HH do listen to feedback and act on it which gives them lots of credit. It is my 79th day anniversary today and I’m sure I’ll be around way beyond 100, because it is essentially a great game. I will spend more money, I just don’t like being nudged into it. Mis-steps like this leave a bad taste in your mouth.

The deal breaker will be the response to dead skilling (and PvP power calculations) in the next update, but there is a whole other thread about that!:

Please, fix the power calculation system - #39 by rawflwaffle

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I must say that 5 mil is to much, but I had my sapphyr at 5* gold 2 and Mandrake at 8* gold 1 and I score around 110k each match I’m still close to the top 100 and I’m a vip 6 with 150k+.

I know I’m lucky I put my work into sapphyr before this tournament started since that’s one of the reasons I’m scoring really high this event and others aren’t that fortunate, either due time, wrong hero’s or being to weak.

I think the bracket of division 1 should be reduced to 2.5, this should be manageable, that’s around 50 wins with a 25k team, 2,500,00 ÷ 50 = 50,000.

This would still keep the top teir guys happy and the players who can’t play to much or who just became 60 able to receive shards for new hero’s.

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Final tally:

I spent money to raise my VIP to get the extra revive for Mandrake…

43k points short of Division 1 :frowning_face: :-1:

5 million is probably too much. 4 million would probably be enough of a challenge for most people, but still within reach if you have one of the event heros.

At least I contributed nearly 5m points for the alliance and 6k for the Alliance event. Hopefully we maintain our rank tier.

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5m is not that high. Also makes it more competetive at least in my alliance. I’m at 12m now and didn’t try to get really high up