1mil points for div 1 for lvl 60

1 million points to reach division 1 in this new small team brawl is ridiculous!!! I’m only 139k power, with my strongest team I would need roughly 35 wins to even make it to 1 mil points!! That’s stupid!!! Lvl 60 needs to be broken up better for the different power levels, it’s nearly impossible to make that bench mark for lower powered lvl 60 players

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Considering we only have 13 heroes to work with (assuming you have each one, which a majority of players most likely don’t), I agree, it’ll be pretty challenging with only 2 life resets.

Good luck ! :sweat_smile:


Excatly!!! The have made the bench marks outrageous especially with a shorter time limit

I mean, I don’t think it’s too outrageous. It’ll definitely be a challenge, but I think it’ll be doable. I find that if I play later in the night, I get matched with more bots, since less players are on at that time to play PvP. Since bots are fairly easier, you have a better chance of winning and getting points.

Also, correction: we have 3 life resets, not 2.
Unless everyone’s reset time is different…

My resets happen at 11:00 every 12 hours, and my events start at 12:00 noon.

So 1 reset an hour before it starts, 1 reset after the midpoint, and 1 reset an hour before it ends.

If you need 35 - 50 wins to make it to 1 mill, that should average to around 12 - 17 wins per reset, which can be done.

It’s starts at 21.00, reset at 23.00, and the other one at 11.00, this is insane for European players(people who work or study or don’t have all the heros at the same power)

Current tournament

1 day to score 1 million with 3 hero’s limited to a small set, most people don’t have all of them or at the same power lvls, so scoring will be even harder.

Previous tournament

3 days to score 5 million with 5 hero’s, bonus of x10 on sapphyr, x5 on Mandrake, no team limits so hero’s can be switched around

people complain and say this is to high, devs say they look in to it and come back with this tournament?

To show some math.
All hero’s are 3k for the example.

Tournament 1
Team a VS team b
5x3 = 15 VS 5x3 = 15
3 x 9 = 27
3 x 4 = 12

Total = 30 + 39 = 69k points

Tournament 2
Team a VS team b
3x3 = 9 VS 3x3 = 9

Total = 18 + 0 = 18k points

Given that you had 3 days for the first time
69 ÷ 18 = 3.83

So you’ll lose points because of bonuses and play time, not even speaking about the limited teams you can use.

This just feels insane

Not saying I won’t try but they shouldn’t have made division 1 million with these restrictions and no bonus points.

1M with these hero limitations and only 6 heroes total instead of 10 is kinda crazy, lets be honest.

My strongest female trio has 14.500 power. I would be winning like 30k per victory. My weakest female team, on the other hand, has only 4500 power so I would win around 10k only.

1M sounds really hard with these numbers. Im kinda glad Ill only need 100k to qualify

THey are so out of touch. The jump from 59 to 60+ is not even that much. And we have to play against beta players (Why are we even in the same space? People will lynch me for this, but they have some huge undue advantage) and credit card warriors for the ranking. The least they can do is make the entry to divisions fairer. And to make it doable for people who needs to work or study haha

The rewards are good, but maybe reduce the division 1 points with 25%, and lower the rewards with 75%.

I easily reach division 1 every time, not going to fight for top 100 cause it takes me to much time, maybe get the fight up for weaker players.

On the otherside it also means you’re not upgrading any unit but your main team, you probably score low in bounties and have 4/6* hero’s with 5/8 gold ones.

It should be easier for players who really put in the effort and have bad luck with being outnumbered, but I don’t want that players with 5/8 gold units can come close to div 1, upgrade your team and try again next time.

Keep in mind that we get way more rewards then beta players when they started, so complaining about I want free stuff while being a noob isn’t fair to them and to players who really work hard to push their team.

I want to make clear that I want players who are close to reach division 1 be able to actually reach it and end up in the back of top 15000, the rest who can’t even pass 7-1 shouldn’t be here and complaining about being it unfair!


My stongest female team is only 14,131 power, and I’ve managed to reach 1 mill. without spending a single gold bar.

It’s definitely doable, but it does seem a little flawed that the ranked prizes accommodate up to 15,000 people, when not even 400 people have reached the milestone with about 30 minutes remaining.

I don’t understand the need for all the crying. We’re level 60 some are stronger than others but that’s based on what you did the other 59 levels. The level 60 rewards are much better than the under 60 rewards, yes the requirements are high but what do you expect when you reach the platinum level. I played with a 14k team reached a million and ended up rank 212 without playing anymore I’m still in the Top 250.

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What is much better? The slight increase in PvP currency and energy?


I dont think 1 mil is too bad, but it was very wierd to have 1M for devision one on the small team’s brawl…I was only getting like 30k per win…40 wins might be a little bit too much for most ppl in one day.


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I wasn’t only referring to this event but all those played so far at level 60. If we’re just going by this one then yes it’s a bit high, but should be easily done by a proper level 60 regardless of the limits

I have a headache :pensive:

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