Champion alliance points limit are tooooo much

For god sake someone reduce points to reach Div 1

I second that. It is not fair to set 10 times requirements for division 1. Even if we can climb up, we don’t have all day to rank up. And we won’t achieve anything if we fail to rank up to division 1. We will be pretty bored to continue playing if we can’t achieve anything only when we are in level 60.


Ill be honest, 1M points in 1 day is possible. Im level 59 and I have 700k, with one reset left, so I should be able to hit 1M. But this is a way too demanding event, given that you can only use 13 heroes, and most of us dont have all females (I have 10, for example)

1M would be fine if this event didnt have any restriction, given that most level 60 have 100-200k power, it would be fairly easy, as long as you are active during event.

But with a reduced hero pool, 1M is kinda crazy, in my opinion. The fact that only 150 people scored 1M at the moment says everything (yeh, I know there is still one reset left for most people, but still, it feels too hard compared to the… 5-8 wins you need to cash rewards in the previous league)

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I Reached level 60 recently and I don’t even have a 5 people team over 21K total power, How can i reach those points for Div 1 ? I should play 20 times with my team without loosing a single hero :open_mouth:

I agree.

I reached team level 60 before Callidus fragment event and I was so surprised when the requirement for division 1 was 5 million points in 3 days, while <59 team level people needed only 750,000 points in 3 days

For the current small squad event, the devs really need to see how many champion bracket people actually got to division 1 and reconsider the calculation. I bet that not even more than 5000 people will get to division 1.

Just because we have a privilege to get platinum does not mean we are elites.


Resets are ok. But all the people cant pay for gold in each event for reset…Devs should consider poor people like us too :yum::yum::grin:

Let’s keep this in on 1 forum, and contribute with information this is the 4th one started

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