*Remade* Hero Concept : Radon

Remade Hero Concept : Radon (Cold Face) -Controller of Elements

Remade because the older version could not be updated and otherwise it would not fit with the Faction Concept soon!

(5 star)

Position: midline
Role: he is the damage dealer and Founder of VoD
Element: energy
Faction: Victims of 0-Day (VoD)

Stats Summary:
HP 6 / 10
Armor 6 / 10
Damage 8 / 10
Skills damage 9 / 10

“The Devil whispered in my ear, “Your not strong enough to withstand the storm.”
From today i whispered in the devil’s ear “I am the storm…”

summary :Mandrake’s Favorite apprentice, due to his extreme and longer exposure of Heronium he has several more abilities than the others, he uses to help fight against the KLG forces for his ultimate revenge on his family

Backstory : At the age of 9 Radon was with his family at an anniversary party of his aunt. 20 minutes after arriving they heard a rocket souring through the sky,it was 4 years before 0-Day. the KLG troops were bombing the city, it was too late to react, it exploded on the house. Killing his aunts family and several others that were there, he got knocked out by the explosion. When he woke up he and his family were tied up, it was a planned attack by kurtz to cause as much damage as possible by striking a heronium factor nearby, it were 3 rockets , 1 of the rockets malfunctioned and changed course and hit the house, the other one exploded at a weather control station next to the factory, the explosions caused a thunderstorm full of heronium particles, moments later kurtz stood in front of him, killing all the witnesses one by one, once he took the shot on his mother his dad untied himself and ran towards kurtz, grabbing a grenade off his belt and pulling the pin pushing him to his guards, he turned around and said his last goodbye, the grenade exploded, killing kurtz his guards and taking kurtz his right arm, Kurtz was immediately being escorted and barely survived it, Radon untied himself and ran outside in the middle of a plain field, crying for minutes, until he got hit by a lightning bolt , lightning soured through his body, scarring it and knocking him unconscious , He woke up in one of the KLG’s labs to be studied about what the bolt did to him, little did they know they were just about to find out, there were people standing around him and one of them reached to a scalpel. At that moment he bursted out of anger, warming up so hot his body began to glow and started melting the hitches. He stood up and started spitting fire, one scientist tried to shock him with a taser only for his body to react and burst out an electromagnetic wave that cut the buildings power. With the doors opened he escaped and started running and running until he almost passed out again. then he saw Mandrake and the other Rangers. They took him in and started training him and helping him to get used to his powers,

on the 11th of June he was wandering around with the rangers to search for survivors of the KLG’s bombings, shortly after they heard a girl cry underneath the rubble, he started lifting it away and saw a girl, he immediatly saw she was special and demanded Mandrake to take her in, after seeing how many people were affected by 0-Day, he decided to create his own faction called: Victims of 0-Day


“infernal Rage”

Radon starts to heat up from the inside, he starts to breathe fire, dealing a medium amount of damage and disorients,

  • the damage increases the longer he burns the targeted opponent
  • lasts 8 seconds or until staggered
  • this ignores shields

“High Voltage”

He electrocutes the targeted opponent, dealing (medium) damage

  • silencing them for 10 seconds
  • every 2 seconds this opponent receives a stagger


whenever an opponent is silenced they receive a small amount of damage every second “Infernal Rage” deals extra elemental damage to silenced opponents

“Eye Of The Storm”

Radon gains (small) hp and (mediocre) damage for every member of VoD in the team.

“Doing damage”

The difference between a good DPS Hero and a great DPS Hero lies in the amount of damage they can dish out. This Hero receives a decent amount of extra elemental attack damage as well as a 30% Skill Charge bonus for their Bronze Skill

Cooldown Times:
Bronze: 2% per pellet, 1% per second
Silver: 20 seconds
Gold/Platinum: none

Blonde, slightly visible lightning scars over his visible skin, a cold look and he has a short faux hawk hairstyle, kind of like Alvarez. He wears the same kind of clothes as mandrake except for the fur collar

Weapon :
Survival Shotgun

Image found at the game itself

RoF : 0.8 rounds / sec
ammo : 4
Reload Time : 3 seconds (moderate)
Damage to Cover : 103.73 (decent)
Damage per second : 257 (medium
Damage Per Pellet 105 max 3 pellets = 315 (medium)

Stats :
health : 4306 (medium)
Damage : 105 Per Pellet 102 Elemental (decent)
Armor : 29 Elemental 21 (medium)
Crit Chance : 2% (normal)
Crit Damage : 200% both (normal)
Offensive mod 4.5 Elemental 4.8 (decent)
Defensive : 5 Elemental 3.25

Thanks for reading. Feel free to ask any questions!

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The hero concept has a Great backstory

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