Complete District 7

I am currently in District 7. I am trying to complete mission 7-1 with more power than the required one. However I fail every time.

Can anyone give me tips to win the mission.

My current power of Top 5 heroes is 23,750.

7-1 is a tough one, normal and hard mode.

Try to bring a strong mechanical damage dealer and use this hero. Focus on the energy hero(vanguard) he’s giving shields every now and then so once you kill him he can’t protect the rest.

If you’re strong enough to kill him make sure you have a good biochem on your team to kill the 2 mechanical units beside him.

It’s a though one, if you clear the this mission the next few are a walk in the park.

Hope this will help you, good luck hunting.


Thanks for the suggestion. Will try that😁

I heard that savage skill combo helps a lot on that stage

Thanks a lot for the suggestion Kraterios. Cleared the level easily.

Nice to hear, happy hunting!

What about 7-2? Knife throwing ninja dude absolutely owns my AI and it’s starting to really grind my gears

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Any tips for 7-2? Been stuck for almost a week