More Ways to unlock 7* Heroes instead of BUYING it after couple of months and Coop limit frags

I think 7* heroes should be included in:

  1. Coop random frags rewards.

  2. Increase the % on crates specially on
    x10 hero crates.

  3. Should be included in Alliance/
    Heronium hero frags pool and a
    chance to get their frags after 5 wins in
    pvp crate.

  4. What is the point of limiting only 8 frags,
    when even after trading we don’t get all
    8 frags. We have to trade 3 times! To
    get them all.

  5. Why on level 90 coop the hero frags
    rewards are 3-4 like level 85. Somehow
    it has disappeared now.

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i guess that was just a bug

On point number 3, they are in alliance store pool. I have over 100 artemis frags I have gotten from alliance store and gold crates.

They are but the % is really low. It has been more than 4 to 5 months that Artemis or prophet has not come and lets forget about brogan

Apart from that I have all 3. Imagine the following, 3 star heroes are common, 5 star heroes are uncommen / rare and 7 star heroes are SSR (Super Secret Rare) (terms taken from another game). Of course, then the 7 star heroes should be harder to get. If you have a little patience then you will get the heroes too. Brogan I got through the 10 Hero Crate and that only through, in the game earned gold.

425 days of playing and just recently got prophet from x10 crate after many x10 crate. Artemis frags around 150 and brogan 10. Been patient a lot

433 days, no idea how many 10x Crate’s I have opened, maybe I just had a bit more luck than others. Maybe it’s the use (a bit more) of real money

Been playing since the game’s global launch, Vip 0, I got Artemis by grinding from heronium store and from the recent The Watch faction sale.

I am 239 frags away from getting Prophet, however I can agree that the chance of getting his frags are rare in alliance store and heronium store in everyday while the merc+ranger faction month is coming close

  1. That’d be nice

  2. Makes sense to me

  3. Artemis and Prophet definitely show up in the Heronium store, but I’m not certain about the Alliance Store. Brogan doesn’t show up in either, though :cry: Don’t put them in the PVP crate, though; that’s pretty much for past and present PVP store heroes only.

  4. It’s a shame tbh. Sometimes you can get all 8, but usually not.

  5. That was just an accidental leak, don’t worry about it. If there are going to be Level 90 co-ops, the fragment amount will probably be better than 85.

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