A missing enemy on Campaign mode?

Hey guys, did we ever fight this spider robot at Campaign? Not sure it would be a worth enemy to be honest :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Which level is this ? And which category of mission ?

When you click on the Wesson in hero roster then you see this robot

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Ohh yes I see, maybe they are yet to introduce this enemy in missions

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surely a future to come​:wink::wink:

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Wesson just destroyed last of these Kurtz’s harmless quadriped scout bots. gg



Lol hhg could have a whole spinoff game…we coyld have war robots or something like star wars battlefront thatd be fun to play as the characters from here…hhg could expand to console…who else thinks yes?

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I just hope that they add somthing like helios /gorgan howks etc in bounty mode im bored of killing same heros every weakend .

if HH was a MOBA, that mech would be a perfect hero

It’s a prototype galante unit. Look at the eye/torso.

I think that would be awesome

You mean changing the enemy heroes in all coops with updates ?

I mean adding robots like gorgan howk, helios warship etc. In bounty to make bounty killing more interesting. Devs can add those robots as a bonus bounty.

Good idea.But then they would have to introduce them first as characters in missions

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