Free infame gold by TAPJOY

Hi Guy’s let me introducé myself shortly first.
I’m TEAMAAAA, clanmember of the First overal ranking alliance FreakyPyroManiacs (FPM) and NON PAYING playing member from the First ouher.

But now back to the Free ingame gold.
Since a while (a month or so) I saw the button Free gold of TapJoy in the gold depot area of the shop, see picture below.

Once you pushed the “GET” button you will get in the following menu.

In this menu you can Click many different things from watching commercials for 1-5 gold to playing games for 30 - 2153 gold.

Each option has a few conditions you have to do before you get the gold. (See Some conditions below)

Once you have earn the gold, it will take a few moment, ouhers Or even sometimes a day before it is claimeble ingame.

How to claim te gold; go to your message inbox and a message as in the picture Will appear, Click the message and you Will get the gold instantly on your ingame balance.

*look for the picture in the comment below, cannot upload more pictures in 1 message

Some paying members of my clan cant see the Tapjoy and Cannot get the Free gold.

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Thx for that…

Never seen such an Button on my Account… =(

Can’t see it either. Unavailable. Guess the ones that can’t see it spend enough to not deserve it. Lol

Never saw that either

In the upside-down universe Hothead have thought out the best way to make paying customers feel appreciated…

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That’s a way to look at it. :joy:

@W4L, and everyone. I would like to jump in and explain the situation a bit. First of all, not everyone has Tapjoy and I’ll explain why that is.

We like having data to backup and support decisions we make. This means sometimes we might test a new feature or idea to get data on it before we fully release it. Tapjoy is one of those features. We didn’t roll out Tapjoy to everyone because we were worried having ads might negatively impact the experience in game.

I can say that the test has gone well and we’re happy with the results. Tapjoy will be accessible to everyone with our 0.8 release.


I completed the final fantasy offer days ago and STILL haven’t received my gold.

Hey @Robotgod,

Please email our Player Support team as we can’t handle these issues on the forum :slight_smile:


I know I’m reviving an old topic. But when I click on the tapjoy ‘get’ button. It doesn’t even do anything. It doesn’t load tapjoy at all.

Anyone else having this issue?

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I know I pay to play sometimes with this game. I can see tapjoy. I don’t know if it was updated. Though I would say I’m a little frustrated with it because I wish there was a search envying to find ones I like. Maybe more catergories. Like how you can download a game and such or watch videos. I have to keep scrolling to find something and it’s frustrating. Especially if you miss it.