I’m just gonna leave this here.

Ps. The current set-up of Tapjoy “offers” ain’t no good.
Who wanna buy a Christian themed t-shirt or a bracelet for a futile 250 gold? Remember the times when Tapjoy MATTERED? Let’s bring those days back!


I don’t think that hhg has anything to do with the tapjoy offers.


They must have some kind of contact with some marketing company that regulate the offers at least. So #letsmaketapjoygreatagain

Like I’ve said before, Tapjoy is just a associate of hothead games (most, if not all of their games feature tapjoy). Honestly complaining here isn’t going to anything, you’re better off using your poop to write a complaint on a roll of toilet paper then throwing it at a tapjoy building. I often feel that tapjoy is actually reluctant to reward users because it makes them lose money.

I’ll try that! Thanks for the advice.

Besides we don’t know if HHG loses money due to Tapjoy. I mean why would they ever agreed on a collaboration if it meant “loss of income” among other things? Maybe HHG get millions upon millions from Tapjoy for promoting these offers. If so then it’s really sad for Tapjoy that no one clicks the offer wall.

Tapjoys are on plenty of games, and HHG has nothing to do with Tapjoy. And besides Tapjoy is awesome…

Proof again that TapJoy is worth it imo

How many christian themed shirts did you buy?

I didn’t buy anything

I only have purchase offers lately, and some “watch this commercial” or “perform a quiz” for 2 gold bars. I miss the days of those great Final Fantasy offers, the free betting casinos and all those.

I get plenty of game lvl offers

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I want those. :slight_smile:

Instead of these:


You’re telling me you’re not interested in casual men’s bracelets or swim coverups??? Come on now don’t get greedy! :joy:


Lol yeah I don’t even get those. Make ULFPAM Tapjoy great again

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Yey! Now we’re getting somewhere in this.

You may have used all the good offers already? :smile:

BTW how long does tapjoy take for you to get gold. Wouldn’t it be more effective to play pvp?

When Tapjoy was good and has good offers it took somewheres between 20 seconds and a minute to complete some offers (300 gold maybe). I did one heck of a Final Fantasy thing that took me a week but it was all passive, just clicking around occasionally, and it granted me 2400 gold. The last good offer I had was Install some Star Wars game and get to level 7. That one took 15 minutes.

New offers are popping up but now they’re all dull like the ones in my example. :slight_smile:

If you buy a Christian shirt get me one to, awsome design

May should take a look at this again, because PvP doesnt put out any cash anymore since Irfit.

I never play much PVP but the Flatline tournament that came and went I pushed hard for a 299 ranking but he’s honestly I didn’t get more than 25 gold from the crates. Then a good bunch more as placements reward but.

I was number 1 for some time at that tournament and second at first reset. No idea how that happened :joy:
Met you there and got a clean 5-0 :grin:

I normally get around 40 wins out of my top team in free play. But Irfit lowered it to 10. And with the higher health the matches take forever. Before it took me half an hour or less, now its almost doulbe the time.
So tapjoy seems to be an option to get gold faster. But my offers do not look that great either

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