Tapjoy Issues

The last 4 offers I have completed and submitted proof for, have disappeared before they gave the rewards.

On the last reward, I submitted proof after the auto reply, and then waited over a month to finally see that the reward was taken down, for the 4th time. There is no recourse now that the offer has been taken down. I replied to the auto email constantly, changed my email address to resubmit proof and, nothing.

This company has no customer service outside of the offer being available for the limited time. Their phone number does not apply to customer service at all. They redirect you to their support page, which redirects you to the in-game customer service. This is only available while the reward is active. Like I said, they will not reply for over a month and then not reward it at all.

The offer was for Dungeons & Heroes, get a 4 star hero. I started it the first week it was out and completed it within a few days.

Does anyone have any ideas for recouping these rewards?

Any help would be appreciated.


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I just got done leaving 1 star reviews on the apps that didn’t pay out, I also warned them about tapjoy and it’s lack of customer service.

Gonna wait and see if I do it for HH too. I think I will, this game is pretty cool, but with no free gold rewards, I doubt I will keep playing.


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This game has many different ways to get free gold other then tapjoy, some PvP events payout gold and there’s also a chance to get some by just winning 5 matches, alliance events and patrols also reward some gold and the first time you 3 star hard missions you also can get 20 gold per mission!

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You shouldn’t leave 1-star reviews on the games that Tapjoy wanted you to visit because 1) you should be blaming Tapjoy, if anyone, and 2) leaving a bad review of a game because of something not even related to the game itself, is wrong.

Also, there are plenty of ways to get free gold. Benched already listed a few, but you can also get gold by: a daily quest that lets you watch an ad for 2 gold, then another for 3 gold; finishing 13 daily quests gives you 30 gold; beating a mission for the first time lets you watch another ad for 5 gold; some events might offer gold as well. You could also, you know, just spend some real-life cash.

I believe that Tapjoy alone is to blame. They’re the ones that are supposed to monitor your progress.

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I’ve been playing a few months. I have 40 heroes. I know how to accumualte gold and I have Panzer so I get gold through PvP all the time.

I’m just hoping that someone who is going to maybe d/l the app for gold will see the review and change their mind.

You have valid points, but these companies are paying tapjoy to promote their apps so they can climb the ladder of downloaded apps and get a higher rating for exposure.

I don’t feel guilty at all, especially since I no longer have any recourse to do anything. I would rather do something wrong than feel powerless. I’m not saying I’m the healthiest guy or anything, but that is where I am at. I feel like I have wasted over 20 hours of my life.

What would you suggest I do out of game?

Ty for your feedback, but until I have some way to contact tapjoy, this is how I am going to be doing it.

I can see how what I am doing is wrong. I’m still going to do it though, because if I save one person the trouble of not downloading an app and wasting 20 hours of their life on it for nothing (let’s get real with how many of these games we enjoy), then I did something.

I actually don’t spend money on my apps, I do with my children. Only one has HH, and I believe he is VIP2, but don’t quote me, I’m simply letting you know I’m not a cheapskate that doesn’t support games I like.

This is a discipline issue with me. I was a lunatic with money growing up when I didn’t have any, now that I do, It’s just self-control exercises on a daily basis.

But yeah, until I can send someone an email to get this sorted out, I don’t care about tapjoy or any of it’s affiliated apps.

I set up a partner account with tapjoy and let them know my game plan with rating apps and leaving the reviews.

Someone from a different department has contacted me back asking for everything to help me out.

If this gets sorted, I will rectify the reviews.

Until then, I believe the reviews are warranted.


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All taken care of, changed reviews as well.

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