Role Warfare: Role Specialization

Role Warfare :shield: :crossed_swords: :heavy_plus_sign:

Since the last Role Warfare update we have collected all of your community feedback and are preparing the next big Role Warfare updates. As mentioned before, Role Warfare is an ongoing initiative that will bring a number of improvements to the existing Heroes. Before we get into the overview, we want to thank our community.

A letter to our community

We want to thank all of you for everything you have done for us already. Hero Hunters has an amazing community that we couldn’t be happier with. We love seeing your fan creations, we love listening to your feedback, and we want everyone to continue being awesome.

If you see something in the game that you think could be improved, please share it with us! We want to hear your feedback. Part of the methodology we are pursuing with these Role Warfare updates is to dedicate a large portion of our time towards testing ideas and building atop of ideas suggested internally and throughout the community. Sharing an idea or offering your feedback will not guarrantee change and big changes can take time to properly implement. As a result we are not able to make iterative changes every Update - and we wouldn’t be expecting to.

This process will need your help and support. We are dedicated to making the game you want to play. Please continue to share feedback or suggestions, or just continue to play the game. We are looking for the opinions of all our players, regardless of your current level of involvement.

‘Role Warfare’


The Framework

The end goal is that Every Hero has a purpose, and everyone can be useful.

The biggest aspects that embody these ideals are Role Differentiation and Hero Specialization.

Role differentiation:

  • Heroes have Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Heroes have Counter-play options and Synergy Strategies. Heroes can stop Opponents from performing their roles, and assist Allies in performing theirs.
  • Create more team composition depth.

Hero Specialization:

  • Give Heroes distinct roles; each has a strategic purpose beyond the basics of their stats.
  • Diversify variety of viable team compositions.

This is the framework for future and current Hero Roles and specializations.

Hero Roles

With the changes to Health and Healing the goal was to create room for new Roles to exist in the game.

  • Improve Health of everyone > Longer Time-to-kill > More room for skill-use
  • Less Healing > Damage is more permanent > More room for non-Tanks and Healers
  • Reduce self-sustainability> ‘Perfect healing’ is a sacrifice.

Focused Healer :heavy_plus_sign:

Primary healer, capable of sustaining a single target for a long duration. Either through high frequency, or long duration single target Heals. These Healers rely on supporting Healers to keep themselves topped up, or to provide wider coverage of heals.

Team Healer :pill:

A supportive healer that provides bursts of healing for the entire team. Healing is often not sustainable for long durations or is easily out-paced by Damage Dealers.

Now that we feel that Healers are overall in a pretty good place we want to talk about other Roles.

Developer Note: This doesn’t mean we are done with Healers. They are far from perfect, but they are in a healthy enough place that we need to start looking at other roles before we adjust the Healers any further.

Below will be the focus of the next few Updates

Mainline Attacker :crossed_swords:

Mainline Attackers are the bread and butter Damage Dealers. They deal consistent and reliable damage that can put constant pressure on the enemy Healers. They are adaptable and well rounded so they can quickly adjust to changing situations and put damage onto the targets that need it the most.

Assassin :skull:

Assassins are focused Damage Dealers. They deal large spikes of damage that can quickly dispatch their foes, but these heroes will be more reliant on their skills with breaks between the spikes allowing the surviving opponents to counter-attack or recover.

Developer Note: Damage Dealer Heroes may rely on their allies to keep them supported and protected. Some may even rely on the utility of another Hero to guarantee their Skills get maximum usage; i.e Surge’s Gravity Well allows him to keep an enemy Rooted for his teammates to attack.

Disrupter :zzz:

Disrupters are a supportive Role. They primarily focus on interrupting and preventing enemy skill use and creating openings for their allies to capitalize upon.

Anchor Tank :shield:

Anchor tanks keep the team safe by making it difficult to ignore them. They have a variety of skills that protect teammates or divert attention away from their allies.

Off-Tank :crossed_swords: :shield:

Off-tanks help support the team by distracting the opponent’s heroes. These heroes are the most self sufficient role with high self-sustain, and long endurance. While they can deal considerable damage if ignored, their primary purpose is to harass unsupported enemies.

We will have more Roles to share in future updates

The Next Steps

In the next set of updates, we will be working on boosting the effectiveness of Damage Dealers, and pushing Heroes into some of the Roles listed above. There are more Roles that we will be highlighted when we get closer to their related updates.

In order to facilitate these Roles we have a number of planned Game-wide changes that will affect how effectively these Heroes perform their intended Roles - both as a player and while AI-controlled. We will cover what these changes will involve in future Role Warfare updates and in future Patch Notes.


There are additional aspects that will be improved as needed but will be included with other tasks such as: AI improvements, Game Mechanic changes, Game Mode changes & additions and, as always, Hero Balancing.

We hope you will continue to provide us your feedback as we continue working on our vision of Role Warfare.

Stay tuned for more details in the next Role Warfare update


Cautious Optimism. That’s how this makes me feel :slight_smile: It seems like you guys are making well-thought-out changes and taking time to really address some big inconsistencies in hero usefulness. If this goes as well as it seems like it could, then this would take the game in a really great direction. Let’s hope it does! Mostly I’m glad you’re addressing the issues and taking the time to do it right.


Great, a lot good improvements to come. Can we expect this next Role Warfare to come in the October update? Are there any of these changes we should start preparing for that you share with the community?


Sounds like more DPS options (hopefully)!

Yes, this will be starting in October and drag into future updates as well.


Wooop wooop, might start playing PvP actively again when this UPGRADE comes live, looking forward to some fun competition.

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Now we are talking. I so look forward to what this will bring!

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Rebuff Operator’s bronze skill. Like, isn’t he the Focused Healing class? I wanna see him heal low health tanks back to full faster than Thanos can snap.

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It will be interesting to see the changes since there are no broad stat adjustments indicated like last time.

Without broad healing and stat changes, I’m curious what role HHG envisions for “Mainline Attackers”. Currently there isn’t a single hero I would classify as a “Mainline Attacker” as being a competitive choice in PVP. HHG might portray Panzer as a mainline attacker but her weapon (and bronze) clearly fit the role of an assassin. With healing remaining in a strong state, it would take a very significant buff to get me to consider using other DPS heroes, since otherwise “consistent and reliable damage” that apply “constant pressure” are still easily outclassed by healers who can easily negate this sort of unfocused, non-burst DPS.

This is defiantly needed the whole three healers and one or two DPS class suck in PVP. I always seem to see the same twenty or so characters being used. Hopefully you guys will put some kind of distinction in the changes on to what role the specific characters are going to be because some of it is still confusing. There are some that you clearly know are Tanks, DPS. Etc. Some of the heroes it isn’t quite clear what their roles are supposed to be.

Yeah healers seem pretty healthy.

I really think a lot of the DPS need a health boost. When you have heroes like Hecklar, Clyde, and even Maven that can die to a single clip of head shots from Dog it makes it very hard to use them. A dead hero can get all the damage boosts in the world, but DPS from a dead hero is always going to stay 0.

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I can’t agree with you more.

Especially me with my idiotic choice to level DPS over Healers and Survivalists (Salvatore and Kunoichi over Nightingale and Mandrake). Like you said: what’s the point of having damage dealers when they die with a few head shots from a Platinum Hardscope that can aim? I feel as if with the past few “reworks,” the devs have made it so that Healers always trump DPS with their near constant source of health.

Team Fortress 2, for example: you can have a team with Demomen, Soldiers, Scouts, and Snipers with the relatively decent aim. However, if they are up against a similarly skilled team that has two Medics (or even just one Medic), the team with the Medic will have a far higher chance to win.

A source of infinite heals (Medic and Engineer’s dispenser) is always greater than a source of infinite damage, as paraphrased from Uncle Dane.

If the devs plan to do another Role Rework update, they need to hella buff the damage DPS Heroes dish out.

Edit: when I mean by infinite heals, I mean a Hero who most certainly can gift their Allies with plenty of health. DPS Heroes, on the other hand, may or may not be reliable at this current game state due to their squishy health levels in battle.

Can someone tell me what is role warfare and role specialization is this a PvP role or anything else ??

It applies to everything. It’s basically a mass hero rework where they change a bunch of heroes to better fit the role they were intended for. An example of this is gammond. He used to be one of the best healers in the game, even though he was intended to be a tank. So they reworked him in the update to nerf his healing and give him more health.

Someone ought to put together a list of all heroes other than dogface, artemis, prophet, flatline, ifrit, mandrake, panzer, and good healers, then spell out why they are useless against any team that has those heroes. I feel like it would be pretty easy. Here, I’ll start:

Fortress: everyone knows that he is not a threat unless you shoot him and he doesn’t have a taunt. Adaptive doesn’t boost damage enough to make him a threat if ignored. Recharge would be very effective burst damage to negate mandrake and flatline’s gold passives, but since the other team has dogface and/or panzer, fortress is not going to take damage until he takes all the damage all at once. Finally, his spot could have been filled with dogface or panzer.

Kunoichi: Her SMG is very inaccurate and the clip size is small, so emergency defences like flatline and mandrake are going to prevent her from finishing the job. She can barely avoid death even without her full offense, and using that skill is suicide. If the other team has dogface, he probably has elevation, in which case kunoichi can’t protect herself with cover. High rate of fire makes it difficult to damage hard targets, so unless you give up a support for a reliable stun or root to take advantage of honorless, armored targets are going to be difficult. Also her spot could have been filled with dogface or panzer.

Maven: Those skills are never going to hit. Adding reliable stun and/or root could fix that, but that’s giving up a spot that should have been a healer/shielder or emergency defense. Dogface and panzer don’t have those problems.

Sapphyre: Her damage looks good on paper but her all but useless against hard targets. Even with the boost from her invisibility, her melee doesn’t do as much damage as, say, dogface in rampage mode. Her gold passive’s crit increase is pathetic, not even matching the base rate of some other heroes. Does too fast, especially if dogface or panzer is there to use her element disadvantage. Could have been dogface or panzer instead.

Salvatore: He is supposed to be a midfield tank, but there is no reason to target him. He can’t do damage with his weapon and he can’t hit with his skills. Could have been dogface or panzer instead.

I’ll hand this off now.

Fortress has a higher dps than dogface and his bronze and gold make him a quite reliable attacker with a great defense.

Salvatore does good damage too, given that he has a shotgun so you barely miss a shot.

Saphyrs problem is not her damage but her low health combined with meeting Dogface or Panzer in 90%. If the opponent doesn’t have them in his team she does well. Her bronze does good damage and her dps combined with a only one second reload is nothing to ignore.

To add to that kuno and maven make up for it with kuno having really great burst skills and maven having a very high base and elemental damage

Sapphyr definitely has a damage problem, all heroes with a high rate of fire do - anyone who puts out 5+ rounds per second is getting their damage gimped by the updated armor mechanics.

Devs acknowledged the problem back in August but there’s still no sign it’s going to be fixed, I really hope its part of the role warfare update because many damage heroes are unplayable partially because of how armor works now. I still think Sapphyr is a sad 1-trick pony who needs some other buffs too but the armor situation makes her absolute garbage.

Salvatore’s gun is a rifle, a lot like Dogface’s actually.