Ideas on how to generate more xp


With all the math going around and knowing it will take over 500 days to hit lvl 100; I wanted to share a few ideas that may benefit everyone with adding XP in different parts of the game. Like adding xp back into co-ops and into solo raids.

I think it would be great and beneficial to all of us to add XP in these general areas too:

Patrols: adding xp in completing each patrol would be great and even if its 2-8 xp depending on power of patrol would add up considering how it’s a big part of the game and maybe adding more gems plus stamina for each weeks opening of patrol crate.

War: in the same sense of patrols we should be awarded xp for attacking opponents in war just small amounts because this is something we all do each day during the wars.

Pvp: now this may be a stretch but bringing xp to pvp, I understand this one players may not agree with but it’s just a idea maybe add xp into crates? 100, 150, 200? Just a idea.

Extreme mode: considering the difficulty of this mode it doesn’t pay out the amount of xp as it should. Especially since its 20 stam to play. Would be nice to see this get a bump up to 50xp per mission.

Gauntlet: xp per a sector completed would be nice as well.

Again these are just things I think that could help with the grind, and would keep players Hope’s up a bit more I know you guys have always been very interactive with the community and definitely take in discussions when you dont have too.

Give nikon a raise for those hard missions he did a great job

Thanks! For any other ideas we may have let’s discuss below.


Solo raids used to have exp attached to them, but no longer do. Adding a small amount 20-30 per win doesn’t seem too game breaking.


We had XP in a lot of places, but we got rampant complaints about prizes that “go to waste” since everybody was at level cap. It was messy. I’ll bring it up to the team, but as always, no promises.


Fair enough. I guess it’s one of those cases of not knowing what you’ve got till it’s gone. Appreciate the consideration.


I think it’s a good idea in general. It would help retain newer/less dedicated players.

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Cool man thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Isn’t the point of a level cap increase to give players more goals to strive for? This is supposed to take time. Why should this update receive any easier method to obtain XP than before. Especially since getting XP through normal gameplay already has proven results to work. No one is forcing you to play quests and raids another year. If it’s not a fun grind don’t do it. Personally I look forward to advancing levels at the current pace.

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Because before we were already at level 60 when platinum dropped so the grind wasn’t there. The game updated and people were already at platinum the same day. I think you’re misunderstanding what the math is behind the 500 days. It will take 540 something days to get to ruby with people playing daily and doing their max everyday. That soon will become a job rather than a grind it’s a game you want it to Be fun at the end of the day, telling someone “don’t do it” isn’t what this post is really for, lots of people here in the community would like to get to ruby faster I’m sure you will too as much as you say you’d rather grind 545 days. On one last note I don’t mind grinding (check days in game) Good luck have fun.

I would like to caution against theorycrafting and doomsdaying. All of the numbers I’m seeing are being pulled out of the ether right now. This wasn’t meant to be something you can achieve in five days, but there are other factors and potential future adjustments that could change things. Don’t lose hope immediately!


I understand it’s not meant to be achieved in a early early time frame but as of right now the math behind how much XP you can get with out spending gold puts it at about 540 days and some change. If things are changed to tweak that number that’s great that’s what I think a lot of us want. I don’t think anyone has lots hope you the number in players would have dropped drastically.

The math is wrong. Please reserve judgment for now. Thanks.