I’ve never ranked low enough to clear the division 5 pvp achievement. Have a terrible time trying to even get into division 5 this event. Rank 499 is division 2. Rank 502 is division 6. Why not have the lower achievements clear with higher rankings. For example, if you finish in division two have the 3,4,5 achievements clear?


Sounds to me like you are struggling with PVP, maybe consider asking for some advise on how to improve; let’s start with some basic information so we can help find you a team that works. It would take away from the word achievement if it were easy my friend :wink:

The best way to do it would be to say what power level you are playing at and post screenshots of your roster so people here can give you some team building help :slight_smile:

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Perhaps a re-read of my topic is needed.


Oh the opposite :joy: well just play 1 match when the event starts and don’t play any more of the event and you will be in the top 100% or below

Nope. I’m jumping from division 6 to 2 using my three lowest hero’s. One is even a lvl one green. Planned to bomb this event on purpose to clear this achievement. Gonna be a waste. It seems that division 4 and 5 don’t even exist this event.

Oh no not on brawl, unfortunately the only one you will easily do it on is the tourneys with good rewards as more people play so it makes it easier to drop divisions when you don’t play and keep gaining points.

Are you sure you haven’t already unlocked the achievement in-game and it’s just not showing up on your Game Centre, I found when i got my first Div 1 it unlocked the rewards for all the divisions, maybe it has already unlocked in-game.

It’s still sitting here.

Looking at your roster I don’t understand how you are struggling to get the lowest tier in an event. If I can do it at 4x your power then you should easily be able to, just don’t play the event if you want to achievement :thinking:

Please re-read initial post.

Also, simply having 4x power than I. Doesn’t mean you’re able to use it correctly.

Yeah I get that I can be top 10 if I want to but the object here is to get to division 5 right? So stop playing so good if you want to get to division 5 and stay there?

But as previously said you probably won’t do it this event you will need to wait for a tourney, it also sounds like you achievement might be glitched because if you are getting into division 2 then you have already cleared division 5

Not being rude but are you reading all of my replies?

Yeah I am, I am trying to tell you that your achievment might be glitched :joy: the achievement is to get into that division, so if you are passing it then you should get the achievement

Support already informed me (about a week ago) that I’ll need to finish in division 5 to clear the achievement. The original post is me submitting an idea for a change in requirements to comeplete the achievements.

I agree with Bootboy on this, hitting Rank 1 should automatically earn the lower tiers. Tanking for an achievement is just a stupid concept in the first place. This should be fixed imo