Problem while unlocking achievements

I haven’t been able to unlock the achievement - Get to Division 5 in PVP Bracket. Did all now getting to Division 3 ,then 4 then deliberately Division 5 also Division 1 but still the achievement doesn’t unlocks.

Raised a tickets couple of times , but they said it will get unlocked once the standings are finalized . Then they said it’s a bug but don’t know how much time it will take to solve the problem. It’s been over a month but no solution as of yet. Is anybody else facing this same problem ?

You have to get it precisely not if you’re in the higher division. It won’t count

This has been glitched since the PVP bracket divisions changed from place to percentages, unlikely it will be fixed any time soon

Tried that as well but no luck .

Contact support best thing you can do

My advice is to just be patient. It will be fixed eventually, maybe not at the speed everyone wants though. :wink: Like others have said, just contact support, but don’t flood it with repeated messages if you’ve already messaged them in the past. :slight_smile: