After match stats and player stats

the stats can’t match the players abilities, no way panzer does less damage ifrit… but more importantly i just finished a pvp match and i read the stats and my panzer took 6mil damage (other heroes took 1-3mil damage), but all 5 of his players didn’t even break the 1mil damage dealt. so how does that add up? his heroes didn’t give more than 5mil damage total but yet i took in well over 10mil damage… how the hell is that possible?

also, the player stats and elemental damage and armor… what do the numbers mean? how does armor work? what does mech damage do to energy, bio and mech armor/heroes? these numbers let us compare heroes, but considering the stats don’t help at all (panzers damage = ifrits damage???) i can’t even use the numbers to compare heroes. the best the stats do is tell you if the heroes a glass cannon or a tank or something in between. we need literature to explain these numbers please.

P.S. i’m dying to know how the after match stats work, and why the enemy deals 5mil damage but yet i receive over double that. it’s possible that it’s the elemental factor, but it still makes no sense without an idea of what the numbers represent. we spend way more on this game than a console game we deserve the answers. the info on the guns is a start, but again the numbers are irrelevant if we don’t know how to use them. the armor and elemental factor are what throw me off the most i think

Photos, we need photos. I myself can only attest that you are looking at one aspect as the aftermath stats have not failed me. Perhaps we can help explain the anomalies.

Apart from the other things, I might invite a clan mate to force some stat crunches by pvp invite. Stay tuned if the devs don’t answer before.

I already started a thread to investigate your mechanics questions. I did find the answers to some of them. It’s called “detailed explanation of stats” I believe. If you want to volunteer to do the rest of the experiments that need to be done, PM me (NLPPLE) in-game.

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