All About Daily Logins!

@Muninnn how long that take you to explanin correctly?:smile::smile::smile: 5 mins? It amazes me people have a prob with a server bases time might be in order for us. most games have a timeset that resets on there server clock. I feel it to be a awesome upgrade for the game.

If devs release the timezones independantly u can change the time on your phone or device to collect the reward mulitple times. So quit trying to cheat :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: jk :grinning:

You can only change your time zone once a month in game anyway so cheating isn’t likely

Please add Kurtz frags in gold create … I want 20 only and many player like me

I am at PST timezome. Just sharing

Applause and thanks a lot to the developers for fixing this issue in the recent upgrade . This timers on login time would really solve the problem . Appreciate the support and the hard work in solving this problem.


I understand the problem, but for me being a european player I basically have 2 timers to worry about while collecting the rewards.

  1. The general UTC - GMT Timer, which I am completely fine with.
    Which resets more or less at 21:00 CET or 9pm CET (CET = GMT+1)

  2. The European timer: Which increases the complexity and shortens my timespan to collect rewards.
    Once my timezone reaches midnight I automatically jump to the next day (and by doing so, to the next reward).

So I basically always have 3h to collect the rewards (instead of 24h). I mean in 90% of the cases I try to login right away, but can’t do so all the time. Can’t you give all the gamers the same 24h to collect the rewards, despite their timezones (same as the daily rewards calendar, which works perfectly fine)?

Especially having in mind that the event calendars have the special rewards that are harder to get (gilded tokens / new hero crate tokens / special pictures)

And with having such a high (pvp- and event-) focus on the new heroes, it is sad to see that many players miss out on chances to get the hero (in your alliance).

I hope this helps you a bit to better understand the problem and if there is no solution to this specific problem, maybe you can implement a way that the players can reclaim there rewards. especially if they log in every day.


Mate, revived a dead post. Muninn will come

I was so excited by the title lol thought they were telling us they created brand new hero’s, that no one has as log in rewards to replace cinder, matador, surge, maven, etc.

I know & I really didn’t want to revive a dead threat, but I believe that I have a new valid point.

  1. my problem is not with the timers itself, as I think they made some good adjustments (with the timers, the accessibility, the transparency, etc.)

  2. My main problem is that depending on your time zone (I display the problem for Europe, as I am in that timezone), you actually have only a limited time to collect the right reward & if you miss this time span (for Europe 3h) you basically miss the reward, whether you log in every 24h or not.

I hope that the picture is more or less self explanatory & helps the devs to better understand the problem, so they can fix it.

I mean, at the end it is only a game & it is always nice to claim extra rewards as provided in the login event calendars & if you miss out on some, it is also no problem.

But to be honest I would appreciate to have a 24h time span to get the reward, rather than only 3h to get them.

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Muninn I choose you!
Use Close!

It’s super effective.

I don’t think this topic should be closed as this problem has re-occured and many players have lost their daily login rewards. I feel for those who lost reward this time as I have also gone through that .
But still some players want to close this topic . @Chixn why don’t you start a new topic for these people , maybe that will peace to them.

I say let us access those tokens by opening a separate column and then clicking claim instead of the current pop-up method.

“If you revive, they will come.”

Its always coming back to haunt us…