Daily rewards are different from one account to another?

A friend of mine downloaded this game. I started on March (around 20), and he started today, 4th of April. We have TOTALLY different daily login rewards. He gets up to 400 gold and 55 Hardscope shards. I get 100 gold, 44 Hardscope shards and Hardscope hero (for a total of 54 shards).

Is there any reason for this difference? I thought it could be because he started on a different month, but there was only 100 gold on my March daily login calendar, just like this month’s. If there are more rewarding daily login calendars, is there any way to change them?

His calendar


@GTSaiko - is he VIP maybe? Strange though…can I have higher daily rewards please? :grin:

Nope, its not because he is VIP and his rewards are doubling. He has a different calendar.
In the first week he gets 300 gold (25 on 1st login, 75 on 3rd login, 100 on 5th login, and 100 on 7th login), meanwhile I get exp boosters on 1st, 3rd, Hardscope shards on 5th, and Hardscope hero on the 7th day.

These differences are kinda ridiculous :confused:


Howitzer - my suggestion is that you bump both myself and @GTSaiko onto the ‘Easter Mates Rates Daily Login of Joy’ and then delete this conversation before anyone else cottons onto the conspiracy


That’s interesting, I thought everyone would have the same daily rewards. Mine is similar to @GTSaiko’s I wonder if new accounts get better daily rewards the first month (to entice them to come back?). I can’t remember my first month’s rewards (Feb).

I started 10-20 days ago, and it was just like this month, but with Cast, so, no extra gold on first month for me, at least

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I’m still curious about this.

Yeh, I dont know why this got buried without an answer… He created a second account to test if he would get the gold, and he got a normal calendar (identical to mine). Maybe you have a % of getting that every month, like some kind of lottery… Its too weird

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Can I please have lots of gold and then I’ll be quiet

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Any chance we can get an answer from a developer on this matter?


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