All About Daily Logins!

There’s been some confusion lately regarding the limited Daily Login promotions we’ve been running since late last year. I wanted to take some time to explain the systems and what adjustments we’re looking into so that you can get the most out of these rewards.

Right now, your Daily Login calendar, Revives, Resets, etc. all run on local time. You can change time zones in the Options menu to your current time zone to make those resets happen at a time that might suit you better.

The Limited Daily Login calendar runs on global time, and is set to UTC, much the same way our Events run on a UTC schedule. This allows us finer control over Event and Sale availability, and is in general a very good thing. However, since we have Daily Login calendars that now operate on separate reset timers, it’s creating some confusion and leading people to miss rewards.

The Problem

  1. The regular Daily Login calendar can be accessed from the Daily Quests menu, but the limited calendars cannot. They can only be accessed by cold booting the game (force closing it and reloading the app.) This means that if you’re logged in all day long, you’re not technically logging on that day, as you were already logged in.

  2. The calendars run on different reset timers. Unless you have your local time set to UTC by living in that timezone and selecting that option, the calendars reset out of sync, which may affect your experience if you’re used to playing at specific times. Players develop routines, and we want to facilitate that whenever possible.

  3. The reset timer isn’t surfaced on these special calendars, so you don’t know when you need to be back, and you don’t get feedback telling you how you could have missed a day.

Addressing the Problem

  1. We’re aiming to have these special calendars added to the Daily Quests menu so you can claim your rewards without having to reload the game.

  2. We’re looking into having all calendars run on UTC time. This means your Daily Login calendar would now reset at the same time as every other player worldwide, and you won’t have control over it. All of your other local time features would remain as they are. We’ve looked into having all calendars be local, but there’s potential for abuse. It also leads to situations where some people might have a calendar active before other players due to being in a specific timezone. I can already hear the complaints rolling in about that one, so before you ask, that’s not an option.

  3. We’re going to try and have the reset timers visible on all calendar screens, so you can plan accordingly.

None of this is set in stone, but this is the current plan.

What You Can Do Now

  1. Cold boot the app once in awhile. It’s good for the app, and helps you get the latest tuning data from our servers. If you’re eligible for a login bonus, it will display when you reboot.

  2. Be aware that special login calendars reset at midnight UTC, and plan accordingly if you’re in a different time zone.

If you’ve already bypassed some rewards, unfortunately, we’re not able to compensate you for those. We’ll do our best to surface information like this in the future so you can plan accordingly, but for now, you can work around the problem by rebooting the game occasionally and being aware of the timing.

Hope this helps!


For anyone wondering UTC is also the same as GMT. Calendars being in the Daily Quests would be good but not sure about the UTC daily reset

thanks @Muninn. that was really helpful! :+1:


Mine bonus reward was skipped yesterday. And now after the reset, I got the same bonus

Thanks a lot for the detailed information. I had been on the recieving end of this problem and just couldn’t figure out why there was no problem with my Daily Login Calendar but my Limited Daily Login Calendar gave incorrect rewards. This post is really helpful and I believe this issue can be resolved with putting all the calendars on UTC and showing a reset timers.
Thanks a lot developers.

Happens to me too I’ve logged in everyday for close to 700 days and always close out all my apps when I’m not using them. smh

I’m in the same boat as @tollboothkyle, I cold start my app multiple times everyday because I desync all the time but I still missed the 4 token day according to the awards, are there any other solution Or measures to prevent losing rewards?

This seems a bit iffy. If the daily logins are based on a UTC timeframe, then it could possibly become more confusing to access. For me, I usually rely heavily on a reset based on ‘my midnight’.

If there was a countdown clock/timer that Informed players how much time they had before the next reward opened up, perhaps that would be a good option for players trying to get all rewards.

Either way, having an accessible special event calendar is much preferred, so I’m all for that.

There already is a countdown timer to midnight on your daily calendar and below the cinder picture on the left of Quests tab. The countdown timer just would be to GMT midnight instead of your local time zone

It’s always been very confusing to me why you guys would choose to mix the client and server time systems. They’re oil and water. Pick one or the other. NEVER both. That’s like dev 101…

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Well, specifically a timer/clock on the special event calendar.

There would be a countdown timer, ideally, yes. That’s part of the plan.


Also missed day 4. To my knowledge, it’s the first time ever of my 760 days playing HH that I’ve missed a daily login bonus. Rarely even miss any of the 3 daily stamina boosts. Makes me wonder if that specific day was especially prone to fail…

Exactly. If it was just a minor incident where it happened to only a few people I’d get it. But it’s multiple people it’s effected

This is good information. I have never missed a special login reward. I have never changed my time zone in settings. If I am logged in playing when daily reset occurs, the normal daily login show up, but the special login only shows after restart app. Restarting the app is something I do very frequently so I’ve never had an issue.

Utc is gonna be tough. Everything works out ok for me. Just have to remember when the resets are. Maybe only adding the update login reward tab?

I’m having the exact same problem.

I just wanted to ask, can you guys publish hero ideas, not like concepts but like an idea of what can be?

I’m not sure what you’re asking. Are you asking about what CAN be, as in what’s possible? When you say publish, do you mean, talking about them on the forum, or “publish” as in “make it and put it in the game”? Or are you directly asking if we can use whole concepts or partial concepts of Heroes players have created?