All co ops

I know there been many fourms on the topic of the time it takes for Gw, coops etc. Can’t find it sorry to make a new one. I have an ideal. Can you make it possible in coops to have a x1,x2,x3 speed buff once both players are on auto. Like you can on missions in single player mode.

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I’d like to see all GW compressed to 1 each. Same rewards, why waste more of our time on the EXACT same co op 6 times(w/trade)? I never understood this… do people actually enjoy Gorgan Wakes?? I asked this awhile back, and no dev bothered to respond.

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I enjoy gorgan wakes. One of my favorites

I don’t mind the co op itself… it’s OK. But the amount of time sitting thru 6 of them is annoying. Just my input.

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I agree. Or make it like each gw we have the option to multi the rewards with how many gw wins I have. For expample, if I have 2 wins. I would trade you x2 when finsihed you trade me x3 if that is how many wins you have left to trade. Make 6 gw runs into 2 quick wins

i could use some extra time with these grogon trading

Gw is wack! So slow and rewards sucks