Coop Trading

I know you guys always looking for ways to speed up the game allowing gamers more time to do other things.

So how about Trading Coop…by this I mean on team selection the invited player can tick a box and use his coop along with the owner of the coop he has joined.


  1. Lillypawz invites Bobbie76 to the coop.
  2. Bobbie76 Joins Coop team and selects Add own Coop. (Name needs work lol)
  3. They run the coop and get double loot using 1x Coop from lillypawz and 1x Bobbie76

Make trading and running coops easier rather than having to do the same coop 2x or 6x in Gorgon case…


What, you don’t like running 6x Gorgons and 4x Wraith? It’s the best part of my day!

I usually save it for the last thing I do, but then sometimes I leave it so long that I forget to do it.

Or sometimes I simply don’t have a 15-minute block of time to spare, just to click “play again/accept invite” 10 times.

Or sometimes I choose not to spend 15 minutes doing that but instead, do something else such as look into the forum.

Or sometimes the thought of earning yet more coins, to open yet another few chests, just to obtain yet more grenades, makes me think about whether it is really interesting to spend 15 minutes on 10 identical coop raids.

It’s a good thing Gorgon Wakes never runs out, like ever.

This way, we can always, always, till the end , enjoy Gorgon Wakes.

6 times daily.


I am gonna say it now, it has been needed for a while. Quick win COOPs, if you both click quick win and agree on it then you should be able to run it either immediate quick win like everything else in the game or run at 3x speed.

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Quick win the co-op missions
Play 3x speed
Double the rewards

I will accept anything that make this faster

Rather having to run them than quick win or game be more about tapping than playing. With hopefully new coops etc in future require better team work.

It would never work the whole point of coops is to do it with another person power and how they are ran vary every single coop. Solo coops sure but wouldn’t work with duel coops

Perfect use of sarcasm. :slight_smile:

You would still need to run it but would basically get double rewards with each player using a coop run. So who you run it with setup etc would matter.

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