Alliance Gold and Bounty Energy Pack

Just recently a member of my alliance bought the Alliance Gold and Bounty Energy Pack. This is the first time someone in my alliance has done so.

There was one thing that seemed a bit odd about it. When I went to claim my 15 Bounty Energy from my inbox, I got this message.

My first reaction was, “Oh cool!”, but then I realized… it doesn’t tell us who bought the pack. I immediately wanted to thank whoever bought it, but could not figure out who, as my alliance can sometimes be pretty quiet.

My Suggestion

I think it would be a lot more convenient if the message told the player who bought it.

Example: You have received a gift from “Player 1” through a purchase of the following offer! You can view the offer to give back to your alliance.

I know you could just ask your alliance and find out, but I think it would be a lot more convenient if it told you who bought it directly in the message in your inbox.


Good suggestion! I’ll pass this along. Thanks.


It’s bounty time& you are here? :roll_eyes:

Don’t forget your minimums.

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I thought it told us in the alliance chat…?

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There was no message in my alliance chat. :man_shrugging:t2:

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In the Bounty before the last Bounty, you could see the name of the player who bought this offer in the Alliance Chat .

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Hmm. I wonder why no message popped up for me.

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I haven’t bought that one yet. However I’d want the default to be to keep my purchases private.

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The alliance chat messages have been messing up lately…people join and/or unlock heros and it doesn’t show anymore…but yes great suggestions!


When my teammate purchased it few bounties ago there was chat msg but since its not working properly…


I actually like the anonymity of a “Secret Santa!” But then my alliance is very vocal and we have been friends for years!

However, I do understand your position on this subject, maybe instead of just telling everyone who purchased the “Blue Energy Pack,” have an option for the buyer to allow them to choose whether or not to inform the entire alliance of their generosity!



Can anyone think of any legitimate reasons why they wouldn’t want people to know an Alliance Gift came from them?


Some would like privacy and wouldn’t want to be seen as big spenders or continually spending but that’s a given with VIP levels displayed. (Other than total power/days played)

In this case, it’s an alliance benefiting offer. I doubt there would be many such cases and we can already see who purchased the offer for us in Alliance chat except this time for some reason it is not displaying to me.

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Privacy!?!?!? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
If you want to implement this I think you should put it as an option.
I think that’s the most correct thing.


How about showing who summoned bounties ( rushes in patrol)


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