Alliance Loot Drop Box

Continuing the discussion from Idea for rewards that can be given by the commander or X.O. of alliance:

Coming from that little discussion, it sort of gave me this particular idea:

Weekly (or Monthly) Alliance Loot Drop Payday Box

Purpose: provide Alliance members a sure fire way of obtaining rare crafting drops and Hero fragments en-masse without having to spend thousands of Gold or Quick-Win tickets throughout the week (or month).

How It Works: members within the Alliance will be given the option to tithe, or give away, 5% of the loot drops/fragments gained from completing normal or hard campaign missions. Once this option is activated, it is permanent for the remainder of the week (or month) and cannot be changed by any means necessary (bar not playing the game).

The loot drops that will be given away are determined by the RNG, with the rarer loot drops given a higher chance to be tithed to the Payday Box. This means that silver crafting components will be tithed less often than gold components. Likewise, gold components will be given away less often than platinum components. Hero Fragments will always have a 5% chance of being tithed.

Mentioned above, not all crafting components/fragments will be given away to the Alliance Payday Box. Players will still be receiving loot drops but the gain will be slightly reduced.

Drops received from crates from the shop or from other sources outside of the normal or hard campaign missions will never be tithed.

What Is Received: At the end of the week (or month), Alliance members can open the Payday Box and receive all the tithed loot given away by all participating members.

A Problem and A Possible Solution: obviously, there will be Alliances that will attempt to exploit this loot drop box…

  • Paying Alliance members may utilize their mother’s credit card to gain an absurd amount of crafting components for their Alliance. Using higher than normal gold gain, these paying members will be able to purchase an absurd amount of stamina to quick-win an equally absurd amount of rare drops.
  • Solution: like many things in the game, there should be a limit to the amount of crafting components given away in the box. Platinum components having the lowest limit while green components have the highest. Hero Fragments tithed into the box can be converted to Universal Fragments and have a limit of 100 fragments in the box. Of course, for the component limits, I wouldn’t know.

Go rooooooast meeeeeeeeee. Bonus professional artist rendition of the Alliance loot drop box below:


Is that a banana for scale on the side of the crate? :slight_smile:


That was supposed to be the sword component, but a banana is better.

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