Can you add an online button to this screen

What I mean by this is the little green light that tells you if a player is online


I think this would be a great idea. It’s really annoying having to flip back and forth from the alliance roster and that menu when trying to figure out who can attack what. It would be super helpful if it were to be implemented. :+1:t2:


Can totally agree, from your point of perspective as a commander and constantly spending extra time on switching it would be very chill to have this implemented!


Lets just hope the powers at hand can see this and then hopefully its not a super pain in the bleep to implement

Sadly this won’t happen and the devs have explained why previously. Just like it shows when someone is online in their player information page and that is not always accurate. The check if you are online has a set number of clicks before it updates, there is potential that this same slow update marker could be added to the BP screen but it would largely be too slow for the purpose you want as it often says ‘online’ for 30 seconds and then switches to x minutes away despite them still being online meaning your gree/red dot would not work as it would be largely red 90% of the time.

My suggestion is if you are chasing people to get online or use BP then either use Discord or find better members. On Discord you can see when people are online and it is significantly more accurate than the in game update.


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