Ideas to spice up bounty event

  1. A special 3 day event much like current event, with the boosted heroes randomly changing every 15 minutes. Either a whole faction or just individual heroes 5/10 at a time.

  2. ’ Pain in the ass ’ class of bounties. Bounties don’t have the crap support. Each bounty has a second, fully powered like a bounty (could be a few levels lower) for support. Take down both to finish the bounty.

  3. Ambush: Randomly for the event, for a bounty the boost a faction gets is negated and you fight the bounty on your actual numbers. Could be a nightmare but worth a try at least once.


Along these same lines, I always wondered why bounties were hunted one at a time. Could we not throw 2 or more named characters in a single bounty, or employ score multipliers for bounty faction so weaker alliances may be able to get a few more points?
Alliances that can easily get 500k or more might not need a benefit like this, but those most wanted crates are out of reach for most alliances, as to my knowledge bounties with a total score of 300k are the only way to get them

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