Alliance Boss Raids, maybe?

Just throwing an idea out here, but I would love to see a boss raid implemented into the game. Not a co-op or single player raid, but an alliance raid! Give it a time limit, a crazy amount of health and allow your alliance to go nuts attacking this boss for some decent reward and xp outcome.

Something about facing someone really tough intrigues us all.

Make it somewhere along the lines of a 1% chance of summoning while doing daily quests (per each member of the alliance, of course) and you cannot summon more than one while it is active.

Even if it’s sort of the same as bounties, I’m sure people would like that. It gives you something extra to do when dailies are done and pvp grinding is at a halt.

Just an idea, all the best. Thanks and happy hunting, hunters!

  • Cap

Hey @Cap !

Great idea man! :slight_smile:

I had a similar one —> New Event Idea: Community Boss Fight, BUT mine was for the community. I like the idea of just the alliance, and rather than being “planned” I like the idea of a randomly spawned boss, which IF defeated, would give rewards to the whole alliance.
This would be another way to bring members of an alliance together.
Hope to see this implemented :grin:


I like this idea. Maybe it could be a random elemental boss as well, making us utilize more of our heroes. Once it spawns, its a 1-day or a 2-day window to defeat it. Don’t have to be crazy fancy rewards, but maybe a way to get rare gear frags and cash.

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Yeah, i agree with you.

I’m glad to see other’s from the community interested in something like this.

Like @poobgloob said, it would allow members of an alliance to grow even closer and draw new players in that much more. Also, I can see community events being a great idea!

All the best,

  • Cap
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I think this is a great idea. Would like some alliance only events where it’s just inside the alliance and not an entire community competition. Your idea sounds great. Hope HH games looks into adding something along these lines. Would be fun!


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