Alliance Store Items Not Rotating

Maybe I missed it in patch notes, but the Alliance Store Gold and Platinum items have not been rotating during reset each day. For the two week or so the only items I’ve received in the Alliance Store were Platinum Swords and Gold Swords. I’m able to repurchase these items each day, but they used to rotate the gear on reset. Don’t get me wrong, I can use the Plat Sword, but some Plat Stars would be nice once in awhile. I submitted a support ticket for this, but only received a generic response.

One other person in my alliance confirmed the same issues. Not sure if the alliance store items are now fixed or if my game is glitched. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?


i wish that happen to me…i always ran out of platinum swords

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Waited around a week until plat stars showed maybe the decreased the rate or something :confused:

well I’ve been waiting for a month and cybernetic hands never came in heronium store​:sob::sob::sob:… i had to spent a lot of gold and play 11-2 hard over and over to get 84 pieces

Store just reset and again Platinum swords are available. I’m currently up to 426 Platinum Swords, but only had around 100 before the store stop rotating. I get that it is possible this could happen, but the probability of it happening is extremely low. The fact that I’ve only gotten gold and platinum swords at reset makes me believe there is something glitched with my store.

Not sure how I can submit proof of this other than screenshots. But not sure how to show the time stamp of the screen shots to prove it.

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