Black market gear not changing

these screen shots are from two separate refreshes of the black market. The frags are different but the gear is exactly the same. I cannot contact support because i for some reason still can not attach screenshots

Random chance. If you flip 4 coins at once, they could all land on the same side twice in a row.

It’s actually 3 times in a row now. Also it’s ALWAYS been 100% random nEver the same items

It is actually a glitch. When you buy an item and go back later, it will tell you that you bought a different item. I have contacted support about it and they said that it doesn’t refresh by itself. You need to force it by logging off and logging back on after reset. Attached is a photo of the store after I bought two platinum items. I never received the items and it said that I bought a bronze and a silver item after the store refreshed. This issue has been ongoing for months. Has happened to me multiple times before. Support won’t do anything about it. The first time it happened, they said to just not buy anything from the store. Now they have presented you with a tedious solution. I think they should actually just fix the glitch instead of making players go around it like it is a flickering light bulb that one should just tolerate since it still illuminates the room, it just flickers at times so no big deal. The store works, it just glitches at times. As a side note, it is like 4-cep, he works but his skills just glitch at times.

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If you know a problem, why do you make the same mistake over and over again? It happened to me 2 - 3 times, but after I knew how the problem is related, I do a game restart before every shop visit

We’re aware of this issue, thanks!

This issue still persists. Funny enough ONLY for the black market, the other shops do refresh without a problem each day at the exact time while the black market ALWAYS glitches out…
I also kinda noticed, that this ONLY affects the Android version of the game, i have on my 2nd account on iOS no problems with the blackmarket.

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I have the same issue with Black Market store and occasionally (but not recently) Heronium store. The same 4 gear items populate in my Black Market store on reset. I usually have to do something in game for a few minutes before the gear changes. Similar things used to happen in the Heronium store with the plat gear, but hasn’t glitched since last update.