Alliance war - Error in the opponent draw for the map

In the alliance war there are defined leagues. For example, alliances with a total strength of 10 to 15 million play in the “SPECIALIST” league. The next league “EXPERTE” is defined with 15 to 25 million alliance strength.
How can it be that we have an opponent of the higher league on our MAP? To get ahead of discussions and questions - on our MAP is an alliance, which is stronger 15 million and is also listed in league EXPERT. But we play under 15 Mio in league SPEZAILIST.
This can’t be a coincidence or a mistake - can it?
I assume that there are now too few alliances that sign up for the AWar and so DECA just swap and pull there simply allis so on a MAP according to the principle “it will not notice anyone”.

2 possible reasons you match someone in a different league;

matching reason, they ran out ppl in your league to match you with,
Skins; they stopped skins to lower their overall power before fighting you then added them back

I know that members can be added after the start. Then the alliance is stronger, but these members can not participate. But here it is different and this is not the first time. Already at the beginning we have an opponent on the MAP who should play one league higher. Here is in principle still supplementing the proof, because the opponent is listed even a league higher. I can conditionally also do that with the skins, but that behaves in a smaller range. The opponent is more than 4 million above the limit of our league. I can attach a picture, but I’m not sure if that is allowed. The named alliance can’t be fault, but benefits disproportionately from the event’s mistake.

I’m pretty sure if a meme er is added they won’t be allowed in the war

Anyway, you don’t have to understand that, which is why this is being done. At least it makes my decision easier not to play the event anymore.

It would be nice if DECA would at least comment - not on my explanation not to play the event anymore, but on the matchmaking.

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