Alliance wars recommendation

There’s a lot of down time in alliance wars once a shield is up for 8 hours. I think there’d be more movement if the shield went down if the supply chain were to be cut and the shields not be reactivated of supply chain restored.


Shields make it strategic, why do you think 2* nodes are on chokepoints. It’s to make strategy viable, if there were no shields people would be hitting each other day 1 and would be pointless

True, but you cut off the supply line, there should be no shields. The strategy would be to hold the choke point and constantly defend that supply line.

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I get your view of if supply lines are cut then shields should drop but by doing that it would defeat the object of rushing to centre to control the nodes on day 1. That’s how you get an advantage over everyone and get first place, by implementing your idea people would be able to just cut and take everyone’s nodes immediately meaning there will be no strategic plays

Time zone issues
Suggest to have less attack points on the first day of war or consume more points on each sector would help to eliminate the impact of time zone issues.
The players who living in Asia are all suffering this problem. Enemies already took all 2-star sectors and stood at the gate in front of home when most of the members woke up in the morning.
Pls take either of my idea or find another way to solve this. Thanks :pray:t2:

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When you rush the the center, you have one direct path. No one flanks around to go to the center. You’re only talking day one. The next days after is where the supply lines would be cut. That usually happens after a team captures the center then another team would try and break through around and tries to capture the center. The real strategy would be to defend your flanks and/or advancing to cut off the supply line to recapture those sectors… it’s not like you have an unlimited amount of battle points so you can’t capture every sector

But people do flank? that’s why you have to ally others and defend. There’s more then one path to centre, supply lines can be cut but where is the victory no matter how short whether 3 or 8 hours if it just get’s taken again immediately? It would mean alliances like ours could dominate the board even more if smaller alliances couldn’t use strategy to cut us and hold us at chokepoints with shields.

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