Custom crate improvements

The crate came out last September and after the initial pop it would seem it’s simply collecting dust in the crates tab; I haven’t seen a post on it since. And my search revealed no recent posts about it. This has me wondering:
-is anyone still subscribed to the crate?
-has anyone subscribed to it in 2019? When?
-for anyone subscribed, what are your thoughts?

I initially got it and I believe I held on for 2 months but ultimately dropped it because I didn’t feel it was worth the cost. If devs are content with the revenue this crate is generating, so be it, but I think there are a couple things that may spark new interest:

  1. this is obvious—add Kurtz to the grand prize tier
  2. drop the price (would anyone jump in for $14.99, $9.99?)
  3. increase openings to 2 x/wk
  4. restructure the crate a bit by making each opening have 2 drops. The first drop is the set of frags for a hero that we choose. The second is the set of gems, cash or stamina that we choose. Maybe even add some of the new tokens for gauntlet or the gold/silver crates as choices, or make these an option for a 3rd drop. And I’d recommend no increases/decreases in quantities currently available through the crate.
  5. although the increase in odds to get a higher rated prize is a bit of an incentive, it obviously wasn’t enough to keep me (and I suspect others) subscribed. Maybe add something with each monthly renewal—gold, stamina, tokens, gems, etc.

I want to be clear I’m not suggesting all of the above be done; although I’d like to see at least a couple changes occur to get me re-subscribed.

Thoughts, other suggested improvements?

The problem of current for me in the UK £20 a month is a lot. And i mean a lot, my phone bill is £20 a month, a MMORPG is less then that a month, and the reward for the cost are not that good you MAY get this or you MAY get that with more percentages THE MORE YOU PAY FOR IT. You see the problem is this is extreme P2W in a game with no paywall, it doesn’t fit in with the player base. I agree if it was 9.99 a month then maybe I’d do it because I like the game and rewards would be on par with that amount spent on gold. I also don’t know who it is meant to appeal to because it’s not end gamers who have all the toons and are just maxing now and it’s not the new players because who jumps into a new game and spends 20 a month right off the bat for more then one month.

I understand the idea of the breakdown for £5 a week in crates but really it should be 2.50 a week and £10 a month because I can easily spend 2.50 a week on the game to get nice rewards.


This post is an opinion post so I don’t disagree with yours, but I don’t know that lowering the price alone would draw me back in. In fact I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t. Thanks for the response. Unfortunately the lack of response tells me there’s a lack of interest, hence I doubt devs are concerned about touching it. I still wish a dev would reply though.

Thanks for your feedback regarding the Custom Crate!

Bingo. I already pay for a few first world benefits and I’d like to pay for the custom crate too! I’ve gotten to the last step a few times and bailed because the dollar amount is just too much. I got kids! It it isn’t just about the money, it’s gotta be value too. I suppose it’s a bit like this; do you want me to seriously consider giving you $10 or never give you $30…


I’ve been subscribed to custom crate for months & haven’t opened anything good so far. :frowning:

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So maybe this is what needs to change, how much have you spent so far on it? You don’t have to disclose exact amounts but over $100? under?

The price is too high and the rewards are not equal to the cost, in my opinion.


could we make it so after x amount of hours or things u did or make a way for anyone to get a free custom crate i would kill for a free custom crate even if it was the worst tier of things u could get


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