New mostly FTP hero tips

I’ve read a ton of tips for this game, but they all seem too basic or too advanced. I’ve only been playing 3 days, but I have spent about $10 to jump start my progress and have a decent starting team (I think). Going forward, I do not intend to spend much on the game, I’ll be mostly FTP, maybe snap up good special deals now and then if available.

(1) What farmable heroes should I focus on? Many of the best heroes are not farmable & thus I won’t be able to 10 star them. Which farmable heroes are worth (eventually) 10 staring?

(2) Regarding my current team specifically, and focusing on short/medium term progression: My current team is Razorback (5*), Halloway (4*), Ifrit (4*), Flatline (4*) and Ryker (3*). I’m reasonably happy with it, very survivable, but a bit short on DPS. I think Halloway is the weakest link. Other heroes I have or will have soon: Shank (3*), Phalanx (5*), Butter (3*), Kunoichi (1*), Nightingale (2*), Salvatore (3*), Astrix (3*), Cross (1*), Cast (1*), Bucket (3*), Pris (2*), Gammond (3*), Matador (3 shards from activating at 3*).

Who should I replace Halloway with? Pris seems like a decent option, but I don’t want to invest resources into her if another hero is better. Any other suggestions for the short/medium term?

(3) More generally, what heroes should I be focusing on at this stage?

since you are starting off, you could focus on the basic heroes you get at the start that also get you their frags in daily missions. For example, Matador. He is a basic team healer/tank and his frags are easy to farm. Same thing with Maven. After a while, you’ll be able to max out their stars and each time you continue to get their frags, you’ll get heronium (store wont open until you 10 star a hero).

before you begin to progress with the missions, try to simultaneously increase the star power of the heroes. In the long run, it will be a benefit in not only missions but alliance events too. A 5 star hero does less power compared to a hero at a much higher star power. like in PvP. If you have a low star plat hero, they will get taken down by a higher stared gold. that’s just an example.

anything heroes you can farm from PVP or Hard mission is the way to go if you want to stay F2P. Focus on getting as many stars as you can early on to take on the harder missions and your life will be exponentially easier later. Stay on the lower pvp bracket as long as you can because the faster you move up, the harder it will be to rank.

Maven, Cinder, Matador, and Surge are all heroes currently given as daily quest rewards, and are thus good for 10* candidates. My first 10* was Castellan because I liked his kit and (at the time), he was pretty tough.

Thanks! Some follow-ups:

  1. For hard mode farming, which dps oriented hero should I focus on?
  2. Related question, most of the advice so far, while very helpful, is long term oriented. For the short term, I really feel that I need a good DPS hero to replace Halloway. Which of my current heroes (or one I can acquire quickly) is best for that role in the short / medium term?
  3. From what I’ve read, the best hero to focus on in the Gauntlett store is Surge. Is this correct?

I so happen to have made a guide that will help you from level 0 up to level 100.
It mostly covers the basics you need.
Excluding things like current meta’s. Which is something you should mostly ask in vip, since people here are always willing to help any time.
Here’s the link!

Go look at some of the VIP 0 accounts and see what they did. Go look at the rosters for the guys in : 777 or ABC07 and you’ll get a much better idea than following any guide.

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