PVP Aim Assist

When a character dies in pvp, and probably other modes too, you are automatically switched to another character. When you switch to said 2nd toon they tend to be staring off into a corner and not at an enemy AI. Makes it tough to win if you have to recalibrate their aim. Is there a way to have them focused on an enemy when you take them over?

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I think that’s a glitch. It happens to me on occasion, but most of the time not. The thing that gets me is when I switch heroes on purpose as part of my strategy and i’m facing completely away from the enemy.

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Yep it’s a glitch, I don’t experience it often

Eh happens all the time for me. Especially at the start of matches and sometimes going out of cover makes them aim much lower.

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yeah I get that drop down aim at their feet glitch every so often too. Mostly with Shivs, not sure why.

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