Camera panning to the extreme right when switching and other stuff

  1. Seriously, I know this has been reported a lot of times, but it’s so frustrating to see that this bug still exists after a year. The last report regarding this bug was March 19, 2019 and funny, it’s May 2020 and still not being resolved. I hope you would take time to consider reporting this to the HHG heads as it’s very inconvenient and frustrating.

  2. Bring back the Forfeit Match button, which would count as a loss for the one who quit. there are instances that you’d be wasting time because you’re suddenly off fighting a min-maxer or the system mismatched you to someone with 10k power higher than yours. Sometimes, you just know you’d lose and you just dont want to waste time.

my 2 cents.


I think the second idea is nice, because everyone’s knows that if your last living hero is vanguard or klayton you’re just wasting time. Never really encountered the first thing, so I have nothing to say about it.

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