Anyone else not a fan of auto-aim?

When enemy heroes go invisible and I’m reloading I aim directly at where they’re standing to finish them off, but the auto-aim will move my target to the closest visible enemy. Causes me to not kill the weakened enemies, and sometimes lose matches.

If there was an option to turn off + on that would be awesome. I know it’s not always bad, but I think I’d lean towards having complete control of where I’m aiming.


This… this is a real problem, specially with heroes that have small magazines, like Oro or Chesterfield.

Aim assist can be nice, but Id love to see the option to disable it, for all of us who are confident in our own aiming skills.

Yes, I hate this change. If it was meant to be helpful it is doing the exact opposite for me.

I agree with the other replies; it would be nice to have the option to turn it on or off. During PvP I would like to have it off because, as others have mentioned, it sucks when you have an invisible target lined up and then your crosshairs move. During pve it’s convenient to have auto aim on but if I had to choose one or the other for everything, it would be to turn it off.

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