Option to disable auto aim / aim assist

Just requesting a way to disable auto aim / aim assist because when target are invisible the AA(Auto aim/ Aim Assist) will disturb the aim location and move to a target that is more close specially when aiming to targets on the back line that has become invisible. So many time it has happen to me that A target is about to die so he become invisible because mandrake and I reload then when I fire to finish him off the AA has moved to target B on mid lane or target C on the front line making the target A to move safely and survive.

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Yes! This happens to me as well. I love and hate this function at the same time…

In regular missions/gauntlets/raids it works well for me (basically against AI)… I just duck under cover and start shooting because it auto aims after I come up, which I like…


In pvp its very irritating for the exact reason you’ve just said… when I’m aiming at someone and they go invisible as I am reloading, it auto aims at a different target as I come back up to shoot them, which disrupts my entire strategy to keep shooting the invisible target…

I would love to see a “Toggle On/Off Auto-Aim” button in the Options menu, because it is useful sometimes and annoying other times.

Great suggestion :slight_smile:


Yes, and make it PvP specific cause I don’t mind it on anything other then PvP.

Exactly that. PvE in most modern MP titles is purely to farm for PvP. Literally the only title that auto-aim(at the head) was fine in high tier competitive was cs1.6.

I’d actually suggest that for PvP the AA is perma disabled. Thoughts on that @Kraterios @Poobgloob @Kyrzel?

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Yes I agree, it would also mean that people need more skill to aim, and that stealth doesn’t mess up the spot you’re aiming at.

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Thanks for the feedback @Kyrzel ! Good points :slight_smile:

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