That Auto-Target Redirect/Feature?/Bug? (ples remove)

Have you ever aimed at something then suddenly your aim is FORCED to be changed.
If this is a feature can the devs give us something on the option to turn this thing off.

  • Usually triggers when reloading~aiming
  • Enemy unit invisibles (ex. you aiming/killing a flatline > mandrakes invisible kicks in > your aim is moved to another enemy unit.)
  • other instances

To be honest, when enemy turns invisible, the auto-target being “lost” is nice, in my opinion.

I would even say that the real problem is the fact that you can target-lock invisible heroes while autoing. It defeats the whole purpose of invisibility.

I haven’t personally experienced the other instances, though. Only time I’ve seen the target disappearing is when they die or they go invisible

Pretty sure this was added as a feature.

I am fine with it moving my target. My problem is, that it isn’t consistent. Sometimes, when characters go invis or die, it moves and others it doesn’t.

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I think he’s speaking about manual play, it also bothers me that when I’m close to finishing someone off and after a reload my aim goes to a completely different hero, sometimes even costing me the match


Oh… now that I re-read it, he totally meant that.

Yeah, I also hate that aim “help” that most of the times doesn’t help at all.
Being able to disable it would be lovely

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