Aim assist functions

Hello fellow Hero Hunters,

Just trying to get an idea what Aim assist does? My understanding the game helps you “aim better” or at at least target the nearest opponent on your reticle. I personally turn it off thinking it will completely disable it because how annoying it is that the aim assist targets a nearby opponent when I actually want hit the hero that is cloaked in Drake’s invisibility . This often happens when I reload and attempt to aim at the invisible oppenent and the game forces me to target a nearby non invisible hero.


I have it turned off and it still moves as if it were on. I personally think aim assist hurts you more.

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Aim assist move your aim to the next target when you kill curent enemy. I turn off this too cuz invisibility rodeo really make things only worse, but on the big maps this function really was useful. Manual moving may need more time and accuracy in this issues.