"One Shot One Kill" Feedback!


We have already started to receive a substantial amount of feedback on this PVP event. Let’s keep it going, shall we?

We are already aware of some Heroes who were found to be a bit…problematic. We’ll make sure to keep this in mind. But most importantly - would love to see your thoughts on it - from something crazy that happened during a match, what teams you used, to what would you like or not like to see in a future iteration of this event!

Let’s start with a question - would you prefer it if it was 3 vs 3 instead of 5 vs 5?

Thank you in advance for sharing what you think!

for me the problem is having 2 pvp at the same time or bounty during pvp

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3 vs 3 is better so that a player won’t lose more players fast but artemis shouldn’t be in it because of her platinum.

I think , it will be good in co-op pvp, Or appear one by one, win should be who killed 5 first

I personally do not feel good about it.
For one, as many say, it is tied with another pvp event. Secondly, it is luck based. You spawn in and every match is 5 seconds tops. It is just a matter of which bots hit first. I like pvp events where skill expression is in place. As of right now it seems there’s only one consistent strategy and it involves 0 skill.
None of the matches i had were exciting, even when i faced someone i recognize as the best pvp player i won simply because my bots were more accurate. I could not even aim before the match was done, what’s fun in that?
Additionally, you are using an absurd amount of lifes and gold compete with the top players of your bracket, and to compete you must. Now, normally this is no issue, now, you lose lifes so fast you can easily reach the revive cap. I am VIP 12 and i’ve hit it all 3 times the lifes reset. The event is already over for me before it’s over, and all in all i did not have fun with this. My only motivation is the portrait. Which i’m not going to get because i am powerless like most of others.

I’m trying to dig up something positive about it, all i can think of is that it was fun to search for the most efficient teams to save lifes. Although, next time it drops that will be gone as well if there are no changes

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There are lots of things wrong with this event, specifically;
1: Problematic Heros, Kurtz especially. Some unbalanced heros compared to other are anvil (shotgun auto fire), Artemis (invisibility but long reload makes her semi balanced, however auto players will suffer from skill issue against her), jarek, stratus, Kurtz, and other fast firing heros have a significant advantage over slower bow based heros like Everest and bolt.
2: Pvp revives. Turn off revives for this event or give all heros unlimited lives. It’s completely unfair for me to have a advantage in the leaderboard standings because of my vip level. This is unintentionally a pay to win feature.
3: Team Size, the large amount of teams has lead to matches lasting 2 second, as crazy as it sounds, I propose teams of 1 or 2 so that people on manual don’t get lazerbeamed by the ai targeting before they even fire a shot.
4; Luck, things like pvp revive resets happen at different time than for other people (as far as I’m aware). Additionally you need to hope your lucky and that your teams ai shoots first and kills the most people, as you have absolutely ZERO control over your team and the outcome of a match unless your running kurtz and Artemis and praying on their unfair advantages working out in your favor.
5: Pvp in general, things such as unbalanced maps, specifically the Train, Courtyard, Boulevard, and Stadium maps have unbalanced cover that don’t protect some heros. Boulevard is a good example of a poorly designed pvp map that either need to be removed from all of pvp in general or reworked, as there are multiple spaces where you can hide and be untouchable by other heros placed in certain lines.
6: unfair placing, rearline heros get better positions on maps, being able to pier over enemies covers in some instances and also have more cover protection based on the enemy attackers and. I suggest only having one line allowed in the event, such as midline or rearline only.
7: hero arrival time, on some maps some heros on different sides of the maps and different positions arrive to the battle faster than others, and thus gets their first shot off faster.
8: Warden, her hitbox disappears when she reloads, meaning someone can fire a single shot and press reload to stay immune enemy to fire for a decent amount of time while using her.

There are some other things that are unbalanced in pvp in general that are affecting this event, but I will keep that in mind for some feedback another time. For now these are the things involved with this event that need to be changed or altered. If anything just reduce the team size to 1-2 and give unlimited lives for players and restrict some maps and remove some heros from the current playable heros. Thank you for reading, have a nice day and thank you especially for adding new content like this and sharpshooters to the game.


Well explained Ben. I myself do not wish to talk bad about this, but i cannot deny there was not much to it

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Agreed with what have been above. Pvp should be about the skills and/or the cleaver team set up, but this event is more about luck, no skills are involved or needed.
Personally, I would favor an event that opponents are playing with the same team setup that are randomly decided by computer. So that the matches will all depend on your skills, knowledge about the heroes and quick thinking….


It should be one hero verses one at a time with each player having up to 3 heroes if one hero dies in the first round the hero that stands goes to the second round however with the amount of damage done by the first round

If it’s a one shot kill event damage done wouldn’t matter. And the time for the next hero to arrive would result in them dying during the transition to a skilled manual player.

Oh gochu its different from the sniper event i will give honest opinions once i play it

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Imo, just let the event happened first, then analyze what chaotic situation will occurred…
Then asked the feedback / suggestion for the next “1 shot 1 kill” event…
There are so many heroes released in between this event…
And yes, some heroes probably will be a problem…
But let’s find out…

The 1st event was a fun, at least for me…


Ong that would be so much fun! Same teams same stuff just whoever is better! It is the ultimate skill expression because you have equal terms but also get thrown with random teams so you constantly have to adapt. Also good for new players to learn. Also at random levels would be nice!

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