Role Warfare: Health and Healing 2

Role Warfare :shield: :crossed_swords: :heavy_plus_sign:

As mentioned in our previous post, Role Warfare is an initiative that will bring a number of improvements to the existing Heroes. The following information is geared toward giving you an idea of the general direction we are taking.

Stay tuned for more details as we continue to fine tune Role Warfare

:heartpulse: Health Rebalance

:arrow_up: Major Health Improvements

Artemis Castellan_a Sentry Fischer Bolt Beck Nightengale_a Heimlock Ghoul Phalanx Razorback Cast Scum Cross Callidus Elite Rifleman

Developer Note: Changes to the calculation of Health has provided various improvements to many Heroes. While every Hero will be affected by the Health rebalance, some Heroes will gain larger benefits than most.

:arrows_clockwise: Balance Adjustments

Galante Ronin Cinder

Developer Note: In addition to the larger-scale rebalance, some Heroes have received additional changes to reinforce their intended roles.

Gameplay Changes

:pill: Healing Rebalance

Nightengale_a Moss Savage_a Halo Caine Scum Oracle Gammond

Developer Note: Dedicated Healers have only seen minor healing adjustments. The strength of passive team Healing overall has been reduced.

:pill: Healing Rework

Heimlock Matador Francis Keel Operator

Developer Note: These Healers have seen major reworks beyond just a value adjustment. These changes help push these Heroes into new Roles.

:hammer_and_wrench: Additional Improvements

Butter Cast Ghoul

Developer Note: Some Heroes have seen large-scale improvements for their existing roles within the team.

Look forward to a more detailed breakdown of specific changes to your favorite Heroes closer to the release of the next game update!


When you see Castellan in the buff area, then see your main man Ghoul o.o

if you guys are looking into these heroes you should look at castellan’s sentry damage formula while you are there please <3

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Sentry’s health buff is gonna be lovely.

If they break Caine… Im gonna go apeshit I spent a lot of money upgrading just him.


Looks like those Gold Nightingales on Silver League level PVP will become more OP than ever. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I am still not sure if I like this update and my concerns are getting worse.

Health buff for Heimlock, Razor and Cast? They are already decent at their role without. Could end up that Razor and Heimlock will be to strong and Cast is hard to kill already with his Gold and Platinum. Giving him a health boost, could make him nearly unkillable.
I think Gammond should be reworked, because all he has after the update is his big, but slow heal. He is now okay with his Platinum health buff. But after the update I fear him losing this role, too. He has no damage, a slow heal, a useless Gold and even his now outstanding HP may be normal after the update.

I like that some squishy heroes like Artemis (she even has Trouble tostay alive in bounty) and Sentry will get a good push and that you rebalance some useless heroes, but some are already quite good and may get even better, while others seem to get weaker and weaker.

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I’m surprised no one noticed that Matador has a new skin.


Just noticed lol! It looks kind of weird tho.

It looks like the Role Warfare/Health and Healing update will not effect any changes for the following heroes [edit: apart from getting a general health boost]… this is just based on noting whose hero icons do not appear in the above announcement.


  • Clyde and Kuno - I’m surprised that they aren’t specifically identified as getting more health. They are already very weak, and if most heroes out there are gonna get a health increase their effective dps is going down. Not only that, more average heroes will, with more health, have more time to take out Clyde and Kuno… this patch sounds like a nerf to these 2 heroes.
  • Dogface and Panzer - they better NOT be getting more health, lol
  • Ryker, Richter, Chesterfield, Yanlong - no change for these guys. Steele and Hideo too.
  • Hardscope - the announcement does not suggest that any changes might affect him, so all you plat Hardscope fans can take it easy :slight_smile:


  • Heckler and Halloway - no changes expected for them.
  • Fortress - Not getting a rework to his Recharge skill… probably because it’s classified not as a heal heal but kinda as a heal+damage heal, ya know what I mean?
  • Hivemind and Baron - why aren’t they announced to be getting more health? They’re kinda squishy and it’s not like they are doing top-tier dps either. Sapphyr and Flatline are also weak too but they seem to be left out of the overall health buff.
  • Surge and Pris - I’m surprised they have not been included for improvement under the Role Warfare rework… these 2 heroes are the epitome of niche battlefield control support heroes.
  • Oro - absolutely nothing can be done to save this guy. I wish I could delete him and trade in all his frags for energy frags.
  • Vanguard - no mention of any rework involving him either, so… might continue to be peripheral unless his cooldowns are reduced and he can actually activate his shields
  • Prophet - no change noted for Prophet. Can’t argue with that, really.


  • Maven, Salvatore, Odachi, Mandrake, Phoenix, Mauler - these heroes do not seem affected majorly by the Role Warfare/Health and Healing patch. To be fair, these are pretty balanced (I guess) except for Phoenix who remains kinda niche (and useless, to me at least). There are alot of other changes to bio heroes though.

I am looking forward to more information being released.

All I request is that the upcoming changes:

FIRST improve the game and not break it,

SECOND be fun for all the different types of players out there, not just the high end or the low end, and

THIRD does not descend into a Mauler/Sentry/Cast successive stagger/stun fest which is no fun to play whatsoever.

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“While every Hero will be affected by the Health rebalance, some Heroes will gain larger benefits than most”

Ah thanks for pointing that out, I missed it completely!

Would be good though if Clyde and Kuno fall into the category where they see “larger benefits” due to their already low health pool.

Yeah, we’ll see how this plays out. It’s true that Kuno has VERY low health, and look at Bolt - terribly low! In PVP, even if these heroes are not targeted directly they are likely to die before they can even activate their special skills making them sort of… Useless? That’s the biggest PVP problem as I see it; we have 60 characters to choose from but 70% of them are rather useless in any team composition due to long skill charge times / low health. I hope Roles Warfare will solve some of this. I wanna play a game where I can alternate and not feel locked in using the same heroes all the time, the same heroes as everyone else.

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No mention of Mandrake and his “get of jail free card” gold skill?

These adjustments sound awfully vague. .

I think that’s because still haven’t posted the full details.
The final part of the original post:

“Look forward to a more detailed breakdown of specific changes to your favorite Heroes closer to the release of the next game update!”

bump Some details would be appreciated

Yeah! It’s time to let us know more about the update and the next month overall;
I don’t even know who I’m gonna expect to loot from the daily calendar.

have a free hero in start a game

Not sure if anyone else feels the same, but PVP takes way too long now (especially if you’re trying to get a few matches done discretely at work…)


the same thing also happens to me.