A super interesting brawl idea for promoting less popular heroes

This is a braw idea I came up with:
Give post-match rewards based on the popularity of the hero you are using. Using the regular meta team won’t give you anything special but put Richter, Fischer or Halloway in the team for extra rewards!

I bet you (HHG) already have all the statistics on which heroes are the most and least popular ones in PVP.

This brawl would for sure be a stray from the regular PVP meta and who know, maybe it would also make people discover new team comps and ignite a spark for a previously unused hero?


This is actually a really fantastic idea for a PvP event! The more I think about it, the more I like it actually.

To expand a bit on this, make it a dynamic and automatic system. So at the start of the event, every hero has a “reward multiplier” of 1.00. Every time a hero is used by anyone playing the event, that hero’s multiplier decreases just a bit and the rest increase a bit.

For a real-life analogy, there is a bar in Michigan that prices their beers based on market demand. So every time someone buys a beer, the price of that beer raises. Similarly, If people aren’t buying a certain beer, its price decreases, effectively setting a very accurate demand-driven price for each draft.

So for the PvP event, we’d see great “market prices” for each hero. We’d have exact numbers for what the community feels each hero is ‘worth’.

I really love this idea!!


Great suggestion to refine my idea!

I was more into HHG separating all heroes into 10 groups:

Group 1: Meta definers - x1 rewards (here we have the heroes from the recent EDGE crate)
Group 2: Popular mofos - x1.5 rewards (Maven, Heimlock etc.)
Group 10: Who are you even?! - x5 rewards (Fischer, Pris, Oro).

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I now see a big problem with this kind of event.
The power differences. I admit I’m also guilty of having high-power meta heroes and low power “meh” heroes. I can’t see how I could form a team with a 3* green Vanguard.

I see where you’re going with the grouping, but I would imagine they’d be hesitant to manually assign value to the heroes. By doing so, they’d be implicitly acknowledging that their balance is VERY flawed. By leaving it up to the ‘free market’, I think it would be more accurate, easier to set up, and it would allow things to dynamically adjust if usage drops/raises a bit. .

For your second point - the power differences, there’s an easy fix. If we’re already limiting this to a specific event, then just set it up like the draft brawls where very hero is locked to a rank/star. That would really give people a great opportunity to try lesser-used heroes since they wouldn’t be forced into using only heroes they’ve leveled (ie. meta/strong heroes).

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you better get that bad boy up before this bounty! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope. Uhu. Maybe. At least maybe to Gold? And give him a star or two? That’ll happen OK.

Just giving you a hard time, I’m not exactly pumping effort into him myself :joy:

To be fair I met a Vanguard in PVP yesterday. He was only 6* but he made Nightingale completely impossible to kill with constantly shielding her for 400K.

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I really like this idea but I think it might be confusing to some. Really like it though!

Also, Van ain’t as a bad as he(?) seems. For support his shield is insane and he’s a decent meat shield :slight_smile:

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this certainly is an interesting idea! It’s worth investigation on our end, I think.


This is a great idea, or even for simplicity. Each hero has 5 lives, no matter win or lose 1 life is depleted.

Only when all hero lives have been used do they refresh.

This way crazy and unique builds are needed for every hero! I would love to come across some Fischer builds 8)

But make sure they’re Platinum 8*

@DopedGoat I would argue that what you’re suggesting isn’t compatible with this idea. The point of the “market-rate” valuations is that people are forced into using less-used heroes to get rewards.

By forcing a 5-life max on all heroes, you’re negating that market valuation entirely by forcing everyone to average out their usage of all heroes. If you need to use every hero 5 times, then statistically, you end up with no difference in value from hero to hero.


The way I suggested means your virtually guaranteed to see fresh new builds and weak heroes been played.

Doing it the original posters way we will still see the exact same builds over and over again.

I think you’re mixing two different ideas here. The point of doing it how ULFPAM and I are suggesting means that if ANY hero gets used often at all, then it will be worth less and less points. It mixes up composition style completely.

Your method also guarantees completely different compositions, and I agree that it would work beautifully; but the two methods aren’t compatible with each other. Two very interesting ideas that would be great to try out, but mixing the methodologies just wouldn’t work.

Yeah I don’t care really, anything is better than this current setup.

Something/Anything that promotes use of different heroes would be good.

This 20 character requirement thing is annoying

as for the OP, I like the idea

well, this is interesting

Whoohoo, a market solution! I’m curious how this will turn out :slight_smile:
One thing to note: I know there are people who will never support unlimited lives but reality is that team composition is hard to work out and this style of event is all about trying undervalued heroes and seeing how you can use them. If you have just three lives you don’t have any wiggle room to experiment.
That said, the second there are unlimited lives, events need to have a ‘relative’ ranking system similar to the recent brawls where all players start at X and move up/down. This time though, the amount earned/lost would be based on the market value of the team rather than the ranking of the opponent.
It may also be desirable to have all heroes at gold (or whatever) to further facilitate variety in team composition without incurring imbalance demerits. This means, among other things, no plat skills, but I’d argue that’s acceptable for now :slight_smile:

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I would prefer all heroes at plat. some heroes/synergies are defined by plat skills