Badly Worded Prophet Crate

So I bought a couple of tiers worth of the Prophet crate which is on sale. Im normally frugal in my purchases but I saw that this note was attached to the crate:

“NOTE: 3☆ Matador frags are included in this crate. Also, Nightingale’s Legendary Skin is included in this crate.”

The keyword here is that these items were INCLUDED IN THIS CRATE, meaning they come with the crate on top of everything else. It doesnt say “you might also win these things in the crate” it says cleay that they are INCLUDED.

In fact I got a 3☆ Matador frags with each crate but did not receive the Nightengale skin.

I checked for the actual chances to win the skin and they were not included in the odds.

So I bought it and what do you know, it was not included.

I spoke with customer service and they used some great PR buzzwords in that, “yes, it is included, but it is incmuded in a crate for you to win”.

I feel ripped ripped off. The wording was that it was being given in the crate I bought (which was 2700 in gold or 50 dollars US) yet now Hothead says thats not what it says.

If it were there to win then why is there no odds clearly listed?

This is false advertising on their part. Im not asking for a refund. I just want what was promised using the words that the compny used to market the crate.

I spend a decent amount of money on this game. Something like this will definitely make me reconsider spending another dime if the company doesnt honor their own marketing.

Im not a trouble maker, Im not looking to cause problems but I feel like a sucker and thats not a good place for your customers to be.



This does not constitute false advertisement. We’re sorry you did not get the prizes you felt you were entitled to. If you’re ever unsure, feel free to ask on the forum or in a support ticket, as purchases cannot be undone.