Hardscope tier crate is a scam

It clearly says it contains 9x 3-7 star and 1x 5-7 star hero but it also gives 1* heros for 10 fragments, devs being to lazy to put correct info in things once again… just shows how much of a scammers they sre and that they dont care at all about the players.

This being said i want my gold back as it did not deliver what it promised to give.

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Did you tap on the “i” that shows you the drops and their drop rates? At the very least, post a screenshot or a video showing what you got.

Look at the KURTZ only 0.03% almost negligible

I got 1* cross for 10 fragments while description clearly says it gives 3* to 7* it doesnt state anywhere that theres a possibility to get 1* heroes out of it

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You didn’t answer my question: did you tap the “i” box that literally shows who is a potential drop? That “i” is a better way to see what’s available from a crate.

I’m sorry, but it’s gonna be your fault for not going out of your way on tapping that “i.” I’m pretty sure the description is a dev oversight and nothing to be mad about. The developers are definitely not lazy and are not scammers, and if anyone’s lazy, it’s you.

Screenshots or your predicament never happened.

É por essa e outras que muitos amigos estão deixando o jogo os pacotes sao caros e não a tantas vantagens so da minha aliança pararam 4… e tem mais querendo sair do game

Why does anyone have to hit “i” to verify that information written in words is correct or not? I don’t think you understood the problem being described here. Maybe you are trying to be positive member for winning next community clash event.

I myself don’t always hit “i” and just go for crate that would give me 10 heros (3-7*) for 1500 gold. This definitely is a big miss if it is not giving what it says. I was about to burn all my gold on it but now I will leave it in vault for now.

Thanks to the author for making ppl aware of this scam.


You hit “i” for the exact reason to verify what can drop and what cannot drop, though…

Like I said, the description probably went under the dev’s radar. So many crates are being pumped out so that could be a reason. It’s still your fault for not verifying further using the “i” tab.

Anyways, you do you: I’m not the one that’s gonna lose 1500 gold for a chance at something good.

I’m gonna reiterate for anyone that wants to verify for OP: screenshots of your drops so that we can certainly see the problematic drops or your problem does not exist.

Stop comming on here for attention, your under room temperature IQ clearly doesnt know what a ‘scam’ i.
NJ8020 made a pretty clear message about the problem, i have my screenshots and HHG can get them once they contact me.

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Stop comming on here for attention, your under room temperature IQ clearly doesnt know what a ‘scam’ i.

Nice job attacking me and not my arguments. Gave me a kek.

Good on you for getting the screenshots for the dev’s to look at, though. You’re gonna have to contact them; this thread looks like more of a whiny rant than an actual bug report.

Hardscope is a 1* hero, though, so 10 frags makes sense…?

Hey guys,

On behalf of the development team, I apologize for the miswording on the Hardscope Crate. It does indeed contain two 1* Heroes.

We’ll make sure to review our Crates better in the future to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

If you received Cross or Hardscope from this Crate, please contact support through the in-game contact function and explain the situation in a calm, concise manner. They’ll grant you additional Frags for those Heroes, to bring them up to a 3* value.

As the Crate is still an excellent value, with a 5-7* Hero guaranteed, we won’t be offering refunds for purchases of the Hardscope Crate.

Thanks for your understanding!


Gestos assim me faz não desistir do game parabéns por reconhecer e de certa forma solucionar o problema :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

That’s what I’m thinking. The 1 star Heroes OP is talking about are both Cross and Hardscope. OP wonders if the discrepancy between the crate drops and the description were on purpose.

Was definitely not a purposeful thing. See my statement above!

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I can also speak for Muninn that customer support has graciously rectified the situation. Screenshots are nice, but I don’t think they need them. They credited me the correct frag amount pretty fast!

It may take longer depending on ticket volume, but as long as you give us a time frame, we can dig into your logs and confirm the purchase. Screenshots are nice, but not necessary for this particular issue.

Thanks guys!


Munnin look new hero


after so long they came … and both of them came soon …