Balancing the game

Balancing, Its been a problem in this game for a while, now we all know, there’s more effective and less more effective hero’s, but we also have a few things in the game that just need to be worked on. So what this is gonna be is a page where everyone can post their ideas on buffs or nerfs that have to be done, ill edit it in, as I have been in this community and the game for about close to the beginning, I know what has to be done to some hero’s so I won’t edit stuff in this that doesn’t make any sense, feel free to comment :slight_smile: and for the developers, feel free to pin this :slight_smile:

That’s a bit of missing the point of posting new ideas if you already know what needs to be balanced

Pretty sure this has been a topic before. And all the community suggestions are scattered around.

  1. Tutorial guides that can be accessed at any time through a simple ‘i’ interface. For instance, something describing the difference between normal and hard stages, what pips, toasts etc mean, the nuances of war, etc.
  2. Being able to toggle off various colors of backgrounds, similar to how the stores are different colors.
  3. Autoaim–mine is off, yet this still activates at times. Don’t know why, but it’s not fun.
  4. Less health on KLG enemies on sectors in wars for Novice bracket. 22k is still too high for many.
  5. More health on KLG enemies on sectors in wars for Expert bracket. Would add some fun to the wars higher up.
  6. The addition of added voices to the heroes we love.
  7. Being able to change the reticule to various types similar to COD.
  8. Being able to win new types of Alliance icons so that we have more customization options (maybe even create cool looking portraits or to win various symbols to use as editing options for icons/portraits?).
  9. Finally, a return of Gammond/Fortress/Razorback/Elite Rifleman to their former glories.

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